So this guest bedroom is actually the reason my client asked me to decorate her house in the first place.  She'd seen a cobalt blue and bright coral orange bedroom on my website that I'd designed for a past client, and apparently that's what sealed the deal for her.  She hired me on the spot, with the sole request that I recreate the same bright and cheerful vibe in her own guest room.  And that's just what I did.

Here's where we began ...

Crazy how much darker and smaller the space looks in the before photos, huh?  Some crisp white linen drapes and bright, coordinated bedding later, and it's a whole different world in there!

The curtains are once again the same simple Ikea white linen panels I often use (all sources listed below.)  This time I customized them with burlap Greek key trim affixed with fabric glue.  I also raised the curtain rod nearly to the ceiling.  I've said it before and I'll say it again:  always hang your curtains at ceiling height!  It does so much to make your ceilings feel higher and your space feel bigger.

That Greek key on the curtains and this embroidery detail on the bedding just make me so very happy.  Sometimes it's the small things ...

These photos were taken at a couple of different junctures over the course of the project, so you may notice some variations in the furniture, wall art, styling, etc.  You'll also recognize the bed from the original master bedroom.  When I designed and made the luxe tufted silver bed for the master we decided we could definitely re-purpose the old bed in the guest room.

Those very pretty blue and white ginger jar lamps were such a great find from Lamps Plus.  I don't think I will ever tire of a classic blue and white color scheme.  You just can't miss with it!

If you know me at all by now then you know that I of course went out hunting for vintage pieces to re-do for this space.  My favorite combo is the flea market desk that I had lacquered in a bright coral orange and paired with a vintage windsor chair (I can't find a "before" shot of the desk, but here's the chair when I first found it at Hernandez Furniture.)

Another satisfying makeover was the dresser I found in a no-name junk shop on Sunset in Silverlake, which got a fresh coat of white lacquer paint and some brass ring pulls and suddenly looks like a completely different animal ...

So there you have it.  From a dark and lackluster back bedroom to a light-filled, energized, and inviting guest room.  Happy Monday!

BLUE & WHITE PRINT PILLOW custom Rosa Beltran Design
UMBRELLA PRINT free downloadable image
X-BENCHES AT FOOT OF BED custom Rosa Beltran Design
LINEN CURTAINS Ikea Aina in white (customized with burlap greek key trim)
ROMAN SHADES custom Rosa Beltran Design
DRESSER vintage, restored in Benjamin Moore "White Dove"
DESK vintage, restored in Benjamin Moore "Pinata" 
DESK CHAIR vintage, restored in Benjamin Moore "White Dove"
DESK LAMP Land of Nod Gold Rock Lamp Base
BLUE AND WHITE POTTERY thrift store finds


I'm at the "nervous and excited" stage of this project, where I can clearly envision exactly what I want to pull off with this space, while at the same time failing to see how it can possibly come together in time.  (In case you missed it I'm participating in the One Room Challenge where we have 6 weeks to design and execute a space ... and we're halfway through already ... eek!)

I'm having to work so creatively within a limited budget, and so much of what I need can't really be sourced from your usual retailers or box stores.  The success of this project really hinges on hitting the pavement and finding the right antiques and vintage pieces to make this space feel truly old-world and "collected."  It requires lots of time and lots of luck!

There's just a lot that has to go right in order for this project to come together, and the thrifting/vintage gods must, for the next couple of weeks, rain amazing finds down upon us.  So keep your fingers crossed with me please (gulp.)

Here's where we're at this week.  
(Last week was paint, rugs, and lighting, in case you need a recap.)

They're the Ikea Aina curatins in white that I'm such a fan of, and don't worry, they're not going to look like that!  I'm installing some basic mdf baseboard trim from Home Depot as a window cornice to hide the inexpensive (yet functional) Ikea curtain hardware.

I realize that pretty much everything you just saw looks either downright hideous or like it's in such rough shape that it can't possibly be combined in any way, shape, or form to create this, right?

Like I said, fingers crossed people, fingers crossed!



Hooray, I finally get to share all the details of my Larchmont Bungalow project with you!  The entire house just appeared in the new Fall issue of Rue Magazine and now it's time to share all the behind-the-scenes details.

Let's start this tour with the master bedroom.  My client's tastes definitely ran toward traditional, classic, and feminine.  Her bedroom presented us with some challenges.  It was small and dark and the only place for the bed to go was up against a large window which wasn't even centered on the wall.  It had two weird wall sconces whose placement made no sense at all.

 My solution for the off-center window on the bed wall was to camouflage it by hanging a backdrop of white linen curtains across the entire wall.  It looks really pretty and lets in lots of lovely, glow-y, filtered light that this small room was in desperate need of.

Whereas before my client felt weird about having that big window onto the street so she kept the blinds drawn all the time, now the curtains hide the blinds entirely.  When the blinds are up the curtains provide privacy and daylight all at once, and the blinds can still be lowered to darken the room entirely.

We removed the weird wall sconces on the side wall and hung a giant silver leafed mirror that really helps to open up the small space.  (Designer tip: this is one of my all-time favorite Ikea items that I seem to use again and again.  I love the shape!  Check it out on the source list below.)

 The silvery grey tufted bed was one of my own designs (btw the launch of my new furniture line and website is coming along friends ... soon to be available far and wide!)

I think the campaign dressers I got at one of my favorite vintage haunts might be my favorite find in the entire room ... 

Especially because they looked like this when I found them at Hernandez Furniture in LA.

The mercury glass lamps were a very happy and affordable find from Lamps Plus (I swapped out the beige lampshades for these white ones from Target.)

This small bedroom needed all the tricks I could throw at it to make it feel more open and spacious.  Reflective surfaces like mirror and mercury glass help with this a ton, as does the wall of luminous linen curtains.  Crisp bedding with silver embroidery keeps the palette bright and white, and the Kaffe Fasset floral print pillow provides a much needed counterpoint of color and pattern.

This is the only shot we took of this end of the room because obviously the tv wasn't our focus ... but hey, it's real life.  That dresser though! 

It started out looking like this ...

And that's the scoop on the master bedroom!  Fairly simple stuff, but it feels like an entirely different room now.  Amazing what attending to the basics (bedding, window treatments, lamps) can do.

Keep coming back for the rest of the room tours and all the juicy "before & after" shots of the rest of the house! 

NIGHTSTANDS vintage, restored in Benjamin Moore "White Dove"
WHITE DRESSER vintage, restored in Benjamin Moore "White Dove"
ROMAN SHADES custom Rosa Beltran Design
RUG One Kings Lane


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