Our October sponsor Tonic Living made for such a fun "Year of Change" challenge this month!  I'm (obviously) a complete fabric junkie, so getting to choose my favorites from their fantastic selection was right up my alley.  And since I needed some drop dead gorgeous pillows to use in my upcoming One Room Challenge (a Parisian Chic Living Room), I was all over this project! 

I chose their Malakos fabric in "Malachite," and a beautiful floral called Paint Palette in "Punch."  (I also fell in love with their Block Print Medallion in "Sorbet," which will be making an appearance in a 10-year-old girl's room soon ... that project isn't finished yet so watch out!)

Right now I'm really into layering with a single long pillow, be it on a bed or sofa, so I had the floral fabric made up into a 31"x14" pillow.  I decided to try something just a little different with the Malachite fabric ... I had two pillows covers made to fit standard sized down bed pillows.  I liked the fact that we all have that size pillow insert on hand already, and I  thought it might be interesting to branch out from the usual 20"x20" or 18"x18" squares we generally use.

Since my One Room Challenge project won't go live for another couple of weeks, I had fun doing a little garden photo shoot for this project.  I happen to have prototypes for my new upholstery line piled high in Marc's photo studio behind our house because we're shooting them for the new website, so I thought that a pretty English Roll arm sofa would be a nice backdrop for these pillows!  Very "Alice in Wonderland," said the maestro when I was shooting this :)

I love how the whole character of the floral pillow changes by flipping it from one side to the other.  Part of the pattern has beautiful violet blue and pale pink flowers with fuchsia, while other parts have vibrant gold flowers ...

(You'll be seeing these pillows in an entirely different setting ... an opulent, old-world living room ... in just a couple of weeks, so stay tuned for round two :)

Here's a little extra bonus inspiration just to get your wheels turning.  More of those big, painterly watercolor prints that's I'm so into right now!

Paint Palette "Punch" from Tonic Living
Rubelli floral fabric
Rosa Beltran Design: Kaffe Fasset Bekah "Blue"
Paint Palette "Punch" from Tonic Living
Paint Palette "Punch" from Tonic Living
There's certainly no shortage of inspiration out there for adding some malachite to your life.  On an accent wall, perhaps?  (You can totally use fabric as a wallcovering .... check out this tutorial.)

Decoupage a lamp, mirror, or tabletop?

Or line a cabinet or closet with it? (I love this idea ... seems so appropriate 
to create a "jewel box" effect with a precious stone like malachite.)

And of course there's upholstery, pillows, and lampshades!

Big huge thanks to Tonic Living for providing us with these gorgeous fabrics!  Get on over there and see the beautiful selection for yourselves.

And of course be sure to check out the goodness this month from the rest of our "Year of Change" designers.  Can't wait to see what fabrics they chose and what they've done with them!

*Tricia and Erin the Suburban Bitches
September: DIY Wall Art


This past week absolutely flew by!  It's coming down to the wire for the One Room Challenge, and I'm feeling the heat.  Last week was all about searching high and low to find the right antiques to make this room feel truly old-world and collected. 

Here's what went down this week:
I designed a custom ivory linen tufted sofa for the living room that will help create the feel I'm going for.  Classic and feminine like this awesome chesterfield sofa from Domino mag ...

Of course I put my own spin on it, one of the main advantages of being in the custom upholstery manufacturing business!

Did you notice the plaster bust in the Domino room above?  There's this guy who hawks plaster sculptures on the side of Santa Monica Blvd in LA and I've always craned my neck when driving by.  They're mostly cheesy cherubs and stuff, but this week I finally pulled over and bought me a fine lady bust for this project!  Twenty dolla.  So excited.

I need to be mindful about mixing in enough modern style with all this "old world" antique-y stuff so it doesn't start to feel stuffy.  I decided to do an Ikea hack on the clean-lined Klubbo coffee table by spray painting the legs gold.  Should look something like this when I'm finished ...

 I scoured Craigslist for antique chairs that I could update in a colorful fabric. 

Jackpot.  These are now being painted white and re-covered in a bright chartreuse linen so they'll hopefully end up looking something like these (one of my all-time favorite colorful homes, Christine D'Ornano's London Townhouse featured in Elle Decor) ...

I die over that floor lamp.  Die.  I think I'll have to try for something like it in DIY form.

We were inspired by these awesome grisaille wallpapered spaces to use this giant Anthropologie mural in the dining room.  I think it will do a LOT for us.

And then last week I saw Jenny's folding screen DIY on Little Green Notebook and I decided on the spot that I should totally make one to bring drama and hide the wall heater in the corner of the dining room ... as if I needed to add any more projects to my list.

But apparently I'm a glutton for punishment (and a good DIY) so I quickly ordered a bunch of yardage in a variety of prints from Fabric.com.  What I love about them (and this is completely unsolicited praise) is that they'll let you return unused fabric within 30 days, with free return shipping, no questions asked.  It's basically a risk-free way to check out new fabrics in person.

What do you think?  Do any of the fabrics stand out to you at first glance?

One thing I keep going back and forth on is the mirror over the fireplace.  Currently there's a large frameless mirror mounted on the wall.  (Remember that the fireplace is now looking much better having been painted all white, including the hearth tiles.)

The "Parisian Chic" look I'm going for is something along these lines ... note the gilded mirror ...

I've considered layering a more ornate mirror on top of the plain wall-mounted mirror.  Or taking it down and replacing it altogether.  I've even found a giant gold frame (on an ugly painting) that fits this mirror exactly, which would allow me to just use the one we've got!

This is the most ornate and beautiful (and the most expensive), but it's also kind of smallish and narrow and I would like to have a wider mirror to hang above the 5' wide mantle (especially since my sconces are spaced much further apart than the ones in the inspiration photo.) 

This one (flipped on end) is 60" wide which is great, but still not very tall.  But it's got that fabulous, gold-encrusted, ornate vibe I'm looking for.  I think it could be really good ...

This one is probably he most common-looking and my least favorite, but it's the exact size of the wall-mounted mirror that's already attached to the wall above the mantle.  Of all of them, this one would reflect the most light around our room, which is not to be overlooked.  But then again it's not all cool and scroll-y and ornate and Euro style ...

  Help!  I'm stuck!  Which mirror would you choose??




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