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We recently had a design client change their mind about the some of the details on a sectional they'd ordered, and since we like to keep everyone happy, we made them a new one.  

Now we have this beauty that needs to sell quickly because we're out of space on our showroom floor!

It's a take on our Melrose sofa, with some slight variations.  The seat and back cushions are all premium down, and the fabric is one of my favorite linen-blend fabrics that we carry called Ireland Charcoal (it's the darker grey fabric with brown undertones shown below.)  

And the best part?  We're selling it for just $1400 instead of the usual price tag of $2500!


Sofa width 100"
Back height 30" 
Seat height 19"
Chaise is 65"l x 40"w

Email us if interested! 

LA customers can either pick it up downtown or we can help arrange delivery for $120.  We also ship nationwide - just send us your address for a shipping quote!



Sorry if you're sick of hearing about this cool bay window sofa we made for Jordan Ferney's house in San Francisco's Mission district.  

But just really quickly :) ... yesterday on Oh Happy Day Jordan wrote about her experience with designing and ordering a custom sofa from Clad Home, how scary it was to trust that everything would turn out well with a custom-made, non-returnable sofa, and how happy she was with the end result!

Our custom sofas start at just $1000 and we work closely with our customers on tweaking all the little details to get your order just right for you.  Jordan admits she was a bit gun-shy at the start of the process, but she says that in the end her experience with us was a great one!  Check out Oh Happy Day for the whole story.



I've been taking this holiday weekend very literally and laboring nonstop to catch up on a bunch of design projects.  I worked all day Sat and Sun and tomorrow I'm finally gonna knock off and head to the beach with my little guy because the water is pretty much at it's warmest temp of the year, and Benicio has recently discovered the thrills of boogie boarding!  In about 10" of water but still, when you're a shorty that's something, and he gets SO excited about his little whitewater rides and wipeouts :)  Cutest. Thing. Ever.
So I thought I'd share these art moodboards that we presented to a client recently.  Remember our Beachwood Canyon project, the slightly coastal, Americana vibe house design with lots of blue and white that I shared with you here?

We came up with 3 different directions for wall art that our client  got to choose between.  We called them "East Coast Traditional,"  "Organic Modern Abstract," and "Traveled & Eclectic." (I think I overuse the term "organic modern"... I say it all the time!  Gotta come up with some new descriptions I guess.)
If anything catches your eye, most of these pieces of art are actually shopable and can be found on the project pinterest board.

The "East Coast Traditional" collection included botanical prints, Audubon images, nature paintings, and some chinoiserie art:

The "Organic Modern Abstract" board was a bunch of abstract art (duh) and some museum fine art prints (which is a trick I love to use when building an interesting but affordable art collection. See my tips here and here):

And the "Traveled & Eclectic" moodboard had some really beautiful Moroccan tile photography and vintage 1930s travel advertising posters:
(art sources compiled here)
Just as I suspected my client picked the "East Coast Traditional" moodboard (with just a dash of "Traveled & Eclectic) because it's where she's from and it makes her happy to have it around.  Which is really art's only requirement in my book, by the way ... it should make you happy!  It needn't be expensive or coveted and sought after by anyone else.  At the end of the day if you walk by it and it lifts you up, success!



Hi!  I'm finally going to interrupt the long silence known as "the summer I opened my new store and everything else just had to wait" with a fun little tidbit of news for you. 
One of our custom Clad Home sofas was just featured in a collaboration by two of my all time favorite bloggers, Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day, and Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo.

Jordan approached us a few months back with the idea of making a special custom sofa to fit perfectly within the bay window of her San Francisco living room.  Even though they're in the Bay Area and we're in LA, we worked out a good approach for designing their sofa remotely.  
They made and mailed us a butcher cut out paper template of the sofa footprint for us to copy exactly to get the size and shape just right.  Here it is spread out on my driveway when we received it ...
Jordan ordered a bunch of fabric swatches from us to help narrow down her choices (did you know that you can pick up to 10 free swatches from our website and we'll send them to you pronto?) ...

For a while she was considering a coral sofa for a big hit of color in the bay window! But in the end she settled on a dark charcoal grey poly linen instead.

Our poly linens are great for upholstery because they have the look and feel of real linen without the major upkeep that 100% linen requires.  Ours are more durable and stain and wrinkle resistant than linen, so they can stand up to families with kids, pets, etc.  (Plus they're safer than a lot of mainstream sofa brands out there because our fabrics are never treated with toxic fire retardant chemicals.)

This was the final fabric choice ...

We bought extra yardage so Jordan could have roman shades made in the exact same fabric like this inspiration image she'd found on Pinterest ...

Then we went through a few rounds of sketching and revisions in order to get the style and details of the sofa just right ...

These are the very glamorous photos we take during the construction phase at the factory...

We shipped the sofa up to San Fran (we ship nationwide these days!) and waited patiently until we finally got to see photos of it installed in Jordan's living room.  Totally worth the wait!  It fit into the bay window like a glove.  These cell phone pictures make the linen look a little darker than it is ...

(the sofa's great, but how cute are those boys!?)

And we're SO pleased with the final home tour photos that really show off the sofa in 
all it's glory ...

Jordan's entire house tour was featured on A Cup Of Jo this week and there are a lot of lovely spaces to see.  And many thanks to Jordan for giving us the chance to make such a unique and beautiful piece of furniture for your home!




We're in the middle of designing a bunch of bathrooms for our various client projects, and one of the fun parts is mocking up the powder rooms to see all the various wallpaper options!  

I love using wallpaper in a powder ... I feel it's a space you can afford to go bold with since it's not like you'll be hanging out in there all the time.  I used an iconic palm frond print here, and showed you more of my favorite wallpapers here and here.

So here are some of the fun powder room wallpaper combos we've been coming up with lately.  I love this ink blue ikat pattern from Serena & Lily ...

The orange vanity is fun.  I'm really into re-purposing vintage dressers or even writing desks as sink vanities right now.  I've gotten pretty board with the ready-made vanity options out there, and this broadens the possibilities SO much!  It's fairly easy to do ... if you're interested I found some decent tutorials here and here.

I think I prefer this geometric ikat wallpaper with the light grey wainscot ...

This Lotus block print is one of my favorites, but I do think it needs the wood wainscot on the lower part of the walls to keep it from looking too busy ... see what I mean?

We played around with some other mirror and light combos as well ... none of these is just right yet.  I think we'll add that wainscot and see how it works.

You know I love blue, and this woven metallic pattern brings in tons of great texture...

Obviously the mock-ups look a little one dimensional and it's a bit difficult to see the detail of the light fixtures and how they would really look in a room.  But it's very helpful in determining if the pattern on the walls is something you could actually live with!

Here are a bunch more beautiful wallpaper pics from real life, all pulled from my Pinterest "Wallaper" board.  Good eye candy for a Friday!

Beyond the wallpaper, I love love love selecting wall sconces for a powder room.  It's like the jewelry, an opportunity to bring in something really artful and unique.

Here are a few current favorites, in both brass and polished nickel finishes (some of them come in both finishes), the sources for which can all be found on my Pinterest "Lighting" board ...

Have a great weekend!



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