We're in the middle of designing a bunch of bathrooms for our various client projects, and one of the fun parts is mocking up the powder rooms to see all the various wallpaper options!  

I love using wallpaper in a powder ... I feel it's a space you can afford to go bold with since it's not like you'll be hanging out in there all the time.  I used an iconic palm frond print here, and showed you more of my favorite wallpapers here and here.

So here are some of the fun powder room wallpaper combos we've been coming up with lately.  I love this ink blue ikat pattern from Serena & Lily ...

The orange vanity is fun.  I'm really into re-purposing vintage dressers or even writing desks as sink vanities right now.  I've gotten pretty board with the ready-made vanity options out there, and this broadens the possibilities SO much!  It's fairly easy to do ... if you're interested I found some decent tutorials here and here.

I think I prefer this geometric ikat wallpaper with the light grey wainscot ...

This Lotus block print is one of my favorites, but I do think it needs the wood wainscot on the lower part of the walls to keep it from looking too busy ... see what I mean?

We played around with some other mirror and light combos as well ... none of these is just right yet.  I think we'll add that wainscot and see how it works.

You know I love blue, and this woven metallic pattern brings in tons of great texture...

Obviously the mock-ups look a little one dimensional and it's a bit difficult to see the detail of the light fixtures and how they would really look in a room.  But it's very helpful in determining if the pattern on the walls is something you could actually live with!

Here are a bunch more beautiful wallpaper pics from real life, all pulled from my Pinterest "Wallaper" board.  Good eye candy for a Friday!

Beyond the wallpaper, I love love love selecting wall sconces for a powder room.  It's like the jewelry, an opportunity to bring in something really artful and unique.

Here are a few current favorites, in both brass and polished nickel finishes (some of them come in both finishes), the sources for which can all be found on my Pinterest "Lighting" board ...

Have a great weekend!



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