We're talking 9 months of crazy-making to get the new Clad Home site done, and it's up!  It's 3am and I'm barely standing, but it's up! 
 Just in time for our write up in the LA Times tomorrow morning (uh, this morning ... it's probably already up by now too!)  Nothing like a terrifying looming deadline to make you tie up all the loose ends.

Have a peek ...




I know I'm posting really sporadically right now, but it's ONLY because I'm so under the gun to get the Clad Home store open to the public.  Thanks for understanding, and just know that I'll be back in action here soon.  For now though, here's an update: 

We're moved into the new space now and it's functioning as our office (or at least it will be today after we get our desk and chairs delivered.)  We've begun to receive shipments of furniture and decor, but I know that I really don't want open up shop or have any type of grand opening until I have the whole space just how I like it, and it's not there yet!

I've been sourcing like crazy all the things I need to bring into the store to make it a layered, collected, awesome shopping experience. The whole decision to open a store came about so quickly that I was definitely not up to speed with all of the wholesale resources that it takes to stock a store like this.  That's my call out to all you artisans, painters, makers of beautiful things out there, especially California-based, who think you might have something cool for the store.  I'm especially looking for painters because I have a lot of wall space to fill!

Speaking of wall art, here are some awesome art posters I've been buying, similar to those in the Matisse post I recently did about collecting art museum and gallery show posters.  They're all around $10-$50 depending on the size you choose, and I think they all have just the right mix of colorful graphics with an artsy foreign vibe to be a really interesting addition to any gallery wall.  And let me tell you, $50 for

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

1 // 2 // 3 // 4
The Chief in the headdress reminds me a lot of these prints that Domino sells by artist Jenna Snyder-Phillips ...

 Can't you see any of those prints looking great in a gallery wall mix like this?

(all photos via)

In other news, we finally shot the Little Tokyo Loft project this past weekend, and I must say it's one of my favorite projects to date!  Can't wait to share the pics...just need to get it published first :)




So today we're packing up my little starter design studio and movin' on up in the world to Melrose Ave and our new Clad Home digs!

Our doors won't be open quite yet and believe me there's lots of work to be done to get us to that point, but at least we'll be in!  One step at a time.  It's been overwhelming, nerve wracking, scary and thrilling all at once, but I'm so excited to make this next move!

Thanks for standing by while I get it all off the ground ... you're the best and I mean it.



I love pretty Easter eggs.  We had chickens all through my childhood which made for a thrilling little daily treasure hunt each time we went out to the coop to check for fresh eggs.  Different varieties of hens laid different colored eggs and it was always exciting to find the rare blue and green hued ones. 

Beni and I colored eggs for the first time last year and he loved it.  (How sweet are his long baby curls!?) 
He's been talking about it pretty much ever since, so this weekend I finally figured we were close enough to go for it.  He had a little friend over and they were so proud of their handiwork!
I forgot to get white eggs rather than the organic brown ones I always buy.  The kids didn't mind the more muted colors we got from them, but in case you find yourself in the same predicament, look how pretty these natural brown eggs are with a bit of white embellishment.
(all photos via here)

I love these subtle ombre eggs too ...

To make them you just need a few different dyebaths of varying strengths, and then you can also play around with how long you let the eggs soak.  Happy Spring!




You guys I am buried right now.  Absolutely buried.  I know I've gone down to 2 posts a week instead of my usual 3, and I apologize!  SO I wanted to share a bit of what's going on right now lest you think I'm completely slacking off.  Because I'm not!  I'm just swamped with getting the new office and store off the ground, and haven't been able to come up for air very much these past few weeks.
The renovation of our store is on track to be completed this week (which of course should have been last week, but you know how these things go.)  This means that next week we move everything from my design studio into the new space, and then spend the next few weeks getting the store all installed and up to snuff so we can open our doors to the public!

Not sure how many of you will be interested in these nitty gritty progress photos, but since this is the culprit that's keeping me away from you, here it is.  A pretty, styled decor post this is not, nor is it even a proper "before & after" post, which will come later on of course.
Here's where we're at with the new Clad Home space:
But first, do you remember where we started?  Someone before me had done a number on this place and it wasn't good, not good at all. 

My primary intent was basically to strip down the space and return it to it's most basic state: a bright, clean shell with white walls, raw concrete floors, and lots of natural light bouncing around. 

We're embracing the semi-industrial feel of the exposed AC ducting on the ceiling, the imperfect, marred concrete floors, and the electrical conduit that snakes all over the walls.  The "guts" of this building, usually something concealed within the walls, are visible everywhere, giving it a very utilitarian vibe.

We added a full height wall with a door and transom window between the front retail space and the back office.  The glass door and transom share a lot of natural light between the two zones.

I'm really excited to see some of our new the lighting go in tomorrow which will include 3 groovy wall sconces mounted across this wall above where the ladder is, meant to be the desk wall.

The bathroom's been completely gutted and the tilings starts tomorrow...

I'm very pleased with the look of this floor tile I found on  It mimics the look of authentic cement encaustic tile, though these are actually just ceramic with a good matte finish. 

 Remember the bathroom mood board I mocked up?

Between all of that and the rad solid brass vintage toilet paper holder and door hooks I scored on Etsy, this little bath might be one of the things I'm most excited about!  It's just so satisfying to see a good transformation go down ... because you guys, remember the grossness?

The utility sink I designed is coming along, although  unfortunately we've had big complications with the plumbing, and now it looks like there will have to be a bunch of extra exposed plumbing piped cluttering the wall beneath the sink.  Ugh.  In hindsight it may have been better to go with an enclosed sink cabinet that would have concealed it all, but like I said, I'm trying to embrace the industrial vibe and the imperfections here. 

The doors have all been painted black, and today I sourced some surprisingly decent brass doorknobs at Home Depot.  I'll be sure to share which ones I got once they're installed and I can show them to you! 

I know a lot of people are busy changing out all the brass doorknobs in their houses, but I love the look of brass on black, and I was surprised at how nice-looking the inexpensive hardware store knobs I found are. 

All in all we've come a long way, and we still have a long way to go!  Please hang in there with me.  I have a lot of client projects in the works right now too, so I promise it will all be worth the wait :)  I'll be coming at you with more reveals than you know what to do with.  And the store, if all goes well, should knock your socks off.



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