I recently made the move from the Hollywood Hills back to Silverlake, which has always been the apple of my eye in terms of LA neighborhoods.  We are back in our extremely walkable, family friendly, people-oriented 'hood and setting up home in a 1930s Spanish bungalow surrounded by gardens and views of palm-lined hilltops at sunset.  Geographically, happy as can be.  Personally and emotionally, you may have guessed that it involved a break-up and a fair amount of sadness and heartache.  All in the midst of the busiest time in my career and the moment-to-moment joy of mothering of my bright and precious little boy (3-year-olds slow down for no one :)  Life just takes these unexpected turns and sometimes it's all you can do just to keep up, you know?  I've been pretty open about my life on this blog in the past, so I wanted to put this out there to fill you in.  Without getting too deep, this was truly nothing that I saw coming, not by a long shot, but here I am, adjusting to my new normal and taking lots of deep breaths.  All is well, of course, and onward and upward is really the only way to do this.

So yes, I'm nesting again and settling in to a new life, and I found myself in need of a fun living room rug.  You'll be seeing the reveal of my cute Silverlake bungalow in the not-too-distant future :)  I set myself a goal of finding something wooly and tribal in roughly 8x10 or larger for right around $500 ... NOT the easiest task!  Rugs can be prohibitively expensive and since I don't carry them yet at Clad Home (it'll happen at some point) I was pretty much in the same boat on my search as all of you are.

Here's the basic vibe I'm after in my living room ... layered neutrals, lots of textiles, white backdrop, lots of natural light, some plants, warm wood tones, and a beautiful Clad Home sofa I designed just for this space and stuck a sleeper in because we don't have a guest room (this sofa and a bunch of new styles we're coming out with will be up on the website very soon, by the way.)

My living room already has a very large natural wool rug in a neutral beige tone, and I needed something with some pattern to layer on top.  So I searched around and came up with a handful of options, and then used my old trick of ordering multiple rugs on Overstock to try out and return (for free) the ones that didn't work.  Any of these would also work great layered over a sisal or jute rug.

This rug seemed like a good contender.  I needed something that would give me enough contrast against the beige wool backdrop, and bring some much needed pattern into the picture ...

In person I liked the pattern and all the tones in this rug a lot ...

This rug has been on my Pinterest boards forever.  It's a great neutral wool kilim rug that adds pattern in a perfect subtle way, and the variation of colors in the weave of the wool is really beautiful ...

I'd had such good success with this well-priced rug that I used in my Little Tokyo Loft project that I added it to the order as well.  I had the benefit of knowing that it's not really gold in person, it's a much better neutral beige tone, and I love all the little black accents throughout ...

Having always loved Moroccan style Beni Ourain rugs, this shaggy wool rug looked great to me.

And another affordable Beni Ourain option ...

I'm including this rug that was actually cancelled from my order because it went out of stock before it shipped, but these things always come and go and come again, so you might find it in stock at a later date.  I didn't see it in person, but it had good reviews, I liked the pattern, the price was very right, and I'm betting it could be good ...

This neutral tribal motif rug is gorgeous, I think ... 

Basically, there were zero out-and-out rejects in this whole group, which is why I'm psyched to be able to share a selection of really decent, really affordable neutral wool rugs with you.  Not the easiest thing to come by!  They were ALL very attractive and I would definitely have used any of them for the right project.  But since I could only pick one ...

The shaggy diamond pattern wool rug was the clear winner for me.  It's well-made, with so much beautiful texture.  Notice how even the flat-woven background of the rug has a small tight diamond pattern to it?  The two-tone tassels are beautiful as well.  I feel like this rug gives me the whole Moroccan Beni Ourain flavor that I love (which always cost well over $1000 and usually that x4) with the added benefit of being more kid-friendly because it's not a purely white background.

Sorry for the cropped-in teaser shots :)  Many more photos to come as soon as I have my house all finished up and ready to reveal.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.



Psyched to share this pretty home that debuted recently in Domino and features a few custom Clad Home pieces.

The spaces were designed by Natalie Myers who turned to us to make the custom linen sofa, ottoman, and groovy walnut wood ottoman topper.

First of all, that cement fireplace tile is off the hook.  It's got enough pattern to be really interesting, but the muted palette keeps it from feeling overly busy.  Nice one.

Here's the Clad Home sofa, upholstered in our "Pauline Pearl" which is a super durable linen-poly blend that manages to look airy and elegant while being tough enough to stand up to the hazards of family life.  I mean, WHO could tell those doggies to keep off the sofa!?  Better to just pick a fabric that can take it and then relax :)

The walnut wood grain topper can be slid on and off of the ottoman ...

African mud cloth textiles: check.  (If you're watching either of my Instagram feeds, which is where waaaay more of my design sharing is happening right now, then you know I'm obsessed.  Follow RBD and CladHome to keep up :)


The kids spaces in this home are great ... especially the tipi!

And the pattern on the walls ...

 This is the little wood and metal bookshelf we made for the nursery ...

The kitchen and dining nook are no less beautiful than the rest of the house ...

Those lanterns!  Watch for one of these babies to make an appearance above a beautiful master bath tub in one of my current projects ...

(all photos Amy Bartlam)

And that's a wrap.  Sweet house, no?  I love how warm and layered it feels even set against the bright white backdrop.  Just this week I was just working on convincing some clients of mine who LOVE COLOR that white walls is really the way to go.  Let it be the canvas upon which you layer rugs, textiles like plenty of throws and pillows, and interesting textures in the form of baskets, leather, woven window coverings, a sheepskin here and there ... this house is the perfect testament to just how well this can work.



Hi there, 

We recently had a design client change their mind about the some of the details on a sectional they'd ordered, and since we like to keep everyone happy, we made them a new one.  

Now we have this beauty that needs to sell quickly because we're out of space on our showroom floor!

It's a take on our Melrose sofa, with some slight variations.  The seat and back cushions are all premium down, and the fabric is one of my favorite linen-blend fabrics that we carry called Ireland Charcoal (it's the darker grey fabric with brown undertones shown below.)  

And the best part?  We're selling it for just $1400 instead of the usual price tag of $2500!


Sofa width 100"
Back height 30" 
Seat height 19"
Chaise is 65"l x 40"w

Email us if interested! 

LA customers can either pick it up downtown or we can help arrange delivery for $120.  We also ship nationwide - just send us your address for a shipping quote!



Sorry if you're sick of hearing about this cool bay window sofa we made for Jordan Ferney's house in San Francisco's Mission district.  

But just really quickly :) ... yesterday on Oh Happy Day Jordan wrote about her experience with designing and ordering a custom sofa from Clad Home, how scary it was to trust that everything would turn out well with a custom-made, non-returnable sofa, and how happy she was with the end result!

Our custom sofas start at just $1000 and we work closely with our customers on tweaking all the little details to get your order just right for you.  Jordan admits she was a bit gun-shy at the start of the process, but she says that in the end her experience with us was a great one!  Check out Oh Happy Day for the whole story.



I've been taking this holiday weekend very literally and laboring nonstop to catch up on a bunch of design projects.  I worked all day Sat and Sun and tomorrow I'm finally gonna knock off and head to the beach with my little guy because the water is pretty much at it's warmest temp of the year, and Benicio has recently discovered the thrills of boogie boarding!  In about 10" of water but still, when you're a shorty that's something, and he gets SO excited about his little whitewater rides and wipeouts :)  Cutest. Thing. Ever.
So I thought I'd share these art moodboards that we presented to a client recently.  Remember our Beachwood Canyon project, the slightly coastal, Americana vibe house design with lots of blue and white that I shared with you here?

We came up with 3 different directions for wall art that our client  got to choose between.  We called them "East Coast Traditional,"  "Organic Modern Abstract," and "Traveled & Eclectic." (I think I overuse the term "organic modern"... I say it all the time!  Gotta come up with some new descriptions I guess.)
If anything catches your eye, most of these pieces of art are actually shopable and can be found on the project pinterest board.

The "East Coast Traditional" collection included botanical prints, Audubon images, nature paintings, and some chinoiserie art:

The "Organic Modern Abstract" board was a bunch of abstract art (duh) and some museum fine art prints (which is a trick I love to use when building an interesting but affordable art collection. See my tips here and here):

And the "Traveled & Eclectic" moodboard had some really beautiful Moroccan tile photography and vintage 1930s travel advertising posters:
(art sources compiled here)
Just as I suspected my client picked the "East Coast Traditional" moodboard (with just a dash of "Traveled & Eclectic) because it's where she's from and it makes her happy to have it around.  Which is really art's only requirement in my book, by the way ... it should make you happy!  It needn't be expensive or coveted and sought after by anyone else.  At the end of the day if you walk by it and it lifts you up, success!



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