Metal Magnetic Bulletin Board DIY

In my design studio I wanted to dedicate lots of wall space for pinning up current project inspiration, drawings of the furniture I design, fabric swatches, color palettes I'm working with, etc.  
After creating two giant, fuchsia fabric-covered cork bulletin boards (tutorial here) on either side of my glossy navy blue door, I decided to switch it up a bit.  

So I went online searching for perforated metal sheets to turn into magnetic bulletin boards.  H&K carries it in their "decorative/other" category, as does Decorative Iron.  I believe it ran me around $75-100 to have it custom cut and shipped to me.  It was unfinished steel and I spray painted it gold. 

I love the way my magnetic bulletin board looks, functions and adds a bit of bling to my work space! The delicate gold filigree combined with the bold graphic pattern is a great balance.  I use these little disc magnets from Amazon.



Elizabeth said...

Simple, Easy - GENIUS!!! Please help me make one at my business. Pretty Please???

Anonymous said...

I think I'll stop at Home Depot on the way home tomorrow. Gorgeous.

Marianna said...
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Marianna said...

The lovely perforated sheets you picked out at HD are Aluminum. Magnets do not stick to aluminum like they do steel or iron. The sheets have to be painted with magnetic paint first before they can be turned into magnetic boards.

I liked the AT article on your pretty work space. The glass covering your desks, was it cut for you or did you buy it pre-made?


Rosa said...

Marianna, thank you for that crucial tip! I had no idea they were non-magnetic aluminum...I've added a note in the post :)

The glass on my desks was custom-cut. I lived with the desks for almost 2 years without adding the glass, but I love it VERY much now that I have it. It adds much more polish to the overall appearance.

Thanks for reading and please keep coming back :)

Unknown said...

Wow, they sell those at Home Depot?!

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