Gallery style groupings of art and photos on the wall can have a big impact and provide a lot of visual variety in a space, but recently I'm really loving the effect of a single, large scale art piece.  

Usually such huge pieces are pretty pricey, but since art truly enriches our lives on a daily basis I think that if and when it's in your budget, definitely invest in yourself and the artists who make this magic happen! 

I have, however, come up with a pretty great way to hang giant art pieces that doesn't break the bank.  There are a plethora of stock photography sites with billions of images that you can simply pay a few bucks for the right to use.  Sifting through these sites for the beautiful images that will elevate your interiors can be tricky....but they're there and the search is worth it!  (I'll try to  follow up shortly with a round-up of stock images I love...)

Once I've found an image I want, I send the file to my local print shop to be blown up to the size I need.  Usually an enormous print on glossy paper runs around $100-125.  You can also use an online printer such as and they will ship your image back to you in a cardboard tube, but the advantage of using a local printer (besides supporting your local economy, which I'm ALL about) is that for around $50 more they will mount the image on a foamcore backing.....believe me, you want this step!  I've learned from experience that because the paper used isn't thick photo paper but thinner poster weight paper, without backing it tends to ripple once it's hanging in the frame.

Now you have a very large, very high impact print to hang, but custom framing also costs an arm and a leg.  I have two approaches when I need to frame on a budget: 

One is to scour thrift stores for enormous frames (usually housing some horrendous 90s pastel faux modern "art" hotel know the ones!)  If you find a frame without glass just have an inexpensive piece of plexiglass cut to fact with such large frames plexi is the way to go for weight and safety reasons.  With this approach I find the frame first, then order the print to fit.  

My other approach is to simply screw the print along with an acrylic plexiglass panel straight to the wall, a la Jenny Komenda and her Little Green Notebook blog post here.  You may also be able to find a frame shop to make affordable acrylic box frames such as in this project...but I haven't tried that yet.

Here's some over scale art eye candy, and my own dining room wall art below...

Style Stalking: Solange Knowles at Home




This is the a stock photo image of a magnolia blossom that I had blown up and hung in a giant thrift store frame.  I love the major contrast and dramatic impact of the black background and white blossom on my pale grey walls...




I just discovered the photographic prints offered by Love Warrior of Sweden, and I'm stunned by their simple beauty...


I'll put together a round-up of transcendent stock photos to use in your own decorating soon!


NoMad said...

I love this! It's wonderful what art can do to your interior and your mood. While I personally like to mix sizes, I think a dramatic piece is always necessary. P.S. your living room looks exactly like our new dining room (picture molding and even figgie tree) and I will definitely use it for some inspiration when we move in. Thanks for sharing!

Nathan Betters said...

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