First, a little eye candy.  How ahmazing is this quartz crystal and brass sconce that I spied at HD Buttercup during the opening night soiree?

I KNOW.  I want these.  Bad.  Must find a project to use them in.  Here's a thought...if you like them as much as I do, hire me to design your house and I promise we will find a use for these beauties :)

One of my favorite quotes of the day here at the conference was from the extraordinarily talented designer Windsor Smith, who said "You have to be part shaman to be a designer."  She's totally tuned in to the fact that design can be about creating environments that help people to live in a more grounded and interconnected way...qualities I believe we're all looking for in our fast-paced lives.  And our living environment can have SUCH a huge impact on our quality of life, don't you think?  Your home should be a place where you can take sanctuary, re-charge, and be inspired.  I know I won't be getting tapped for the Nobel Peace Prize anytime soon for my design endeavors (I worked in politics before getting into design, and perhaps I still harbor tiny dreams of saving the world)...but I do believe that peace begins at home and if I can help bring that into focus for my clients by giving them a space they feel truly good in, then I've done something worthwhile.

It's been a great event so far, and I'm feeling inspired by all the creative talent swirling around me.  These are just a couple of the new friends I've made, Christina and Kiley of the design firm Platner & Co in Malibu.  

Here's a little secret:  tomorrow's my birthday, and even though I'll be attending the conference all day long, I am ultra-fortunate to have such a creative job that feels like fun rather than drudgery!


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