Those who know me know I'm a die hard thrifter.  There's something so completely satisfying about finding a unique and original treasure, be it for my own abode or for a client.  Sometimes you have to sift through the junk to get to the gold, and sometimes it's sitting out in the open flaunting it's loveliness, but if you'd walked in 10 minutes later someone else might have already snapped it up.  So exciting!  Like a treasure hunt, or winning the lottery.  And the fact is that you simply can't create that curated, collected, well-rounded room without wading into the world of second hand, vintage and thrift.  So the flea markets of Paris?  Paradise for me.  The Rose Bowl flea?  I can hardly sleep the night before.  I have my favorite thrift stores staked out all over LA, and I can usually find an excuse to work at least one into my itinerary no matter what I'm doing or where I'm going.

Here are a few recent finds from around town...some that came home with me, and some that didn't.

This gorgeous antique demi-lune burl cabinet was $500, which isn't exactly cheap....but I bought it because I have a couple of projects underway that could benefit big time from a super classy and unique bar cabinet like this.  

That very same day I came across this almost identical cabinet selling for $6,000.  6K, I kid you not.  So yeah,  I scored.   And I actually like mine better.  Clearly I should just sell it at a massive profit and forget about the bar cabinet idea altogether.  But ohh no, nothing but the best for my clients.

Some pretty little antique chinoiserie accessories like these cloisenne ginger jars, and pair of foo dogs. These did not come home with me, but I may at some point circle back...

This sofa with honest mid-century lines is being re-upholstered to use in the waiting room of the  birth center / midwifery office I'm helping to design right here in Silver Lake.  She's not a beauty yet but just wait, just wait.

A couple of comfy chairs are getting completely re-done with fresh and sunny yellow velvet and will be turned into rocking chairs (like I did here) for the birthing rooms at the center.

I passed on this trio of bamboo chippendale barstools and I'm still kind of regretting it.

They're just so classic and cool at the same time!  I love the natural bamboo but can also easily imagine them lacquered in some fun color, like so...

Right?  I passed on them because I don't have an immediate project to put them to use for, and I don't have the space to store them.  It's so obvious to me that one day I'll have to open a shop, just to give me the excuse and the space to indulge in all my thrifting, collecting and curating obsessions (also known as hoarding.)

I also passed on this pair of campaign dressers for the same reason, but they were hard to walk away from because you don't find them for cheap all that often.  People know that campaign chests of all kinds are a a classy addition to almost any decor scheme.

If you need me to elaborate, here you go...
VIA PINTEREST this, too!  The rug, the pouf, the chairs, the color of that campaign style dresser...this gal is good!  (via cottage and vine)
kelly green campaign
love this magenta campaign dresser

Anyhow, my heartache was tempered by the fact that I did indeed buy the campaign-style dresser below!  For clients needing a piece just this shape and size...long and narrow.  I think it must be mahogany with all that beautiful, glowing, striping effect and it feels sacrilegious to write this, but we're having it lacquered a warm soft gray that will work in their rather muted bedroom.  I know the gray will look fabulous against all the brass hardware, because it's the same color I painted my kitchen cabinets, Ben Moore's Eagle Rock.  It's warm and saturated and looks amazing with brass.

This mahogany chest that will probably keep the natural wood tone and it will infuse a touch of warm and classic into the same bedroom.

This seashell chaise is fun, but I passed. 

I bought a pair of these side tables to use as nightstands in a client's bedroom.  I don't care for them in this wood finish, but I think once they're lacquered in a creamy off-white they'll be very interesting, in the best sense of the word!  I love the wood lattice detail.

There were some fantastic brass lamps out there this time around.  These were all around a couple hundred dollars, more than I wanted to spend without an exact use in mind, but far less than they would have been on 1st Dibs or any of the more edited vintage galleries in LA.

That last incredible cobalt blue and gold lamp is an authentic Hollywood Regency beauty, and is a dead ringer for this one from Mary Mcdonald's new swanky lighting line channeling that era.  See?


Who doesn't need a mercury glass toadstool?  For $1.50, apparently I did.

I love these vintage ceramic hand sculptures, and exquisitely detailed little ceramic elephant, which cost $2 and $12 respectively.  You think disembodied hands are weird and creepy?  I say good shelf styling calls for unique, sculptural pieces that elevate a room every time!

And last but not least, an entire box of beautiful leatherbound books for $5 apiece.  Antique booksellers sell these for $20 or $30 and up, so the entire box for $40 was a deal and they really enhance a bookcase when styled with other interesting objects.

And that's the latest thrifting round up!  I promise to show you all of the furniture items once they've been re-done.  Isn't that the best part?  Nothing beats a good "before & after."  Stay tuned.

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