Ombre Sofa

A couple of images caught my eye recently, and because one of my main gigs is designing and manufacturing custom furniture here in LA and I have fabulous craftsmen to create just about anything I can dream up.  Now I can't stop thinking about how cool it would be to execute a fabulous ombre sofa.
Am I right?  Used in the right project and the right space, what a fantastic statement piece it would be!

The color possibilities are endless...

I'm a big fan of the teal tones pictured on the first sofa above.  I think this color combo would be totally approachable and usable in a real living space. 

 So would some understated silvery-grey tones...

Gray Ombre Pillow Cover, 26x16 Pillow Cover, 16 x 26 Gray Pillow Cover, Lumber Pillow Cover

How pretty would these muted lavender/mauve hues look?

Ombre Lavender

Of course coral tones ranging from pale and peachy to super saturated would look amazing too...

So here's a call to all you adventurous souls who would love living with a sofa so unique and different that it makes you smile every time you walk past...let's DO this!

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