This Mother's Day I took my mom on a tour of the Pasadena Showcase House, a 10,000+ square foot Monterey Colonial mansion designed in 1941 by architect Roland Coate.  Dozens of designers had worked their magic on it, and I thought I'd share some of my favorite moments.


One of my favorite spaces in the entire home was the formal living room designed by Maya Williams Design.  It's the room I spent the most time in...I found that I didn't want to move on, I just wanted to keep drinking in all the little details.  The layers of champagne and platinum neutrals punctuated by that peacock blue-green were superb.  I love it that she didn't quite jump on the emerald green (Pantone color of the year) bandwagon; she was close enough to strike the right chord, but enough shades away to be totally original.  

Maya Williams Design living room 1200x800

It was an ultra formal space, not one that I'm usually drawn to live in or to design.  However, it was just so damn pretty...the upholstery was gorgeous with lots of special dressmaker details...the accessories were stunning, including a malachite green polished bar cart, and a huge slice of crystalline agate backlit by the bay window.   

2013 Pasadena Showcase House of Design.

PSHA13_Maya Williams_LR

I also like the softer blue hue on the chairs, and the silvery blue brought in with the rug...this room is a perfect example of how to successfully layer neutrals without risking boring.  It brings in so many various tones of warm champagne and beige, cool silvery grey and taupe, rich gold, and just the right amount of aqua and peacock blue to give it all depth.  Too often I find that clients think they need to pick a color scheme of just 2 or 3 shades and then stick to it for dear life!  But a room becomes much more interesting when the eye takes in many subtly different shades that work together...especially in mostly neutral palette room, it keeps things from appearing too one-dimensional.

This photo isn't large enough to do it justice, but that peacock blue-green velvet settee was incredible.

PSHA13_Maya Williams_LR

I think Maya hit it out of the park with this one.  It's classic chinoiserie done to the hilt, and done very, very well.  I'll be back to share more highs and lows from this Showcase house.

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Kathy, NM said...

I love how I occasionally discover a vintage post of yours in the Blog's archives. They amaze 'cause they seem so fresh and pertinent!


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