I'll be doing a few nursery DIY posts here because my baby's nursery is being featured on Apartment Therapy soon!  I want to share all these DIY tutorials with you now, so that when you see the final room reveal you'll have the low-down on everything.

One of the many DIY projects I did in my son's nursery was 10 of these customized fabric-covered toy storage boxes for the Ikea Expedit bookshelf we already had.  

I came up with the idea because I just wasn't that into any of the store-bought options I found, and I loved the idea of being able to tie in the key prints, colors and fabrics that totally set the tone for his timeless and classic "Little Explorer" nursery.

Two of the fabrics I chose are quilting fabrics from this collection called Circa 1934 by Moda.  The collection has a bunch of vintage-inspired patterns and I absolutely loved the old typewriter keys and cool classic numbers...perfect for a kid's room where he'll eventually be learning to count and read, right? 

To break up all the pattern I decided to also use some simple burlap accented with this jute webbing.  It comes in various widths and colors and it's a great trim...

I LOVE how all these fabrics look together and set a classic vintage tone for the room!  Here's a glimpse of them with some of the other fabrics I knew I wanted to use....

For my project I used Ikea Prant wood boxes because the natural materials and the durability of the wood appealed to me (I try hard to keep plastic to a minimum in our lives).  Sadly they've apparently been discontinued (or at least I can't find them on the website), but I bet you could make it work with either this or this


-Any smooth surface storage box that fits your shelving.


-Decoupage gel like Mod Podge or my trusty Liquitex Matte Gel 



-Cut two pieces of fabric for each box.  

-One will be about two inches wider than the front face of the box, and taller than the box by about six inches so you have enough fabric to fold over the top and bottom edges like this:

-The other piece you cut will be long enough to cover the remaining 3 sides of the box, plus the same margins for wrapping that you left on the first piece.


Fold over all edges about 1/2" and iron (you can also skip this step if you aren't concerned about about a super "clean" fabric edges...the decoupage gel once it dries does a pretty good job of sealing all edges and keeping it from fraying.)


"Glue" the fabric to one end of the box by brushing the sticky gel on the box surface and smoothing the fabric onto it, wrapping all edges like so:  


"Glue" your second fabric panel to the other 3 sides and slightly overlap the first fabric panel on the box like can just barely see here where the fabrics overlap here on either edge: 


Brush the entire thing with decoupage gel.  The gel dries completely clear and as it does the fabric will tighten up and harden a bit, creating a fairly impermeable, rip-proof, stain-proof surface.  It kind of feels like you laminated the fabric and made it super durable.  

Last, I added the jute webbing trim to the burlap boxes with some Magna Tac fabric glue.  I love that touch!

These cubby boxes have held up really well for us for the past year and a half!  Benicio is now at the age where he can pull them off the shelf and get into them all on his own...I love having this much storage to coral all his little things and keep them put away when need be, and that he also has easy such access to his toys when he wants them.


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Love it! Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing:)


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