Remember this post where I went on and on about these emerald green velvet dining chairs?


You might recall that we paired these and these inexpensive Saarinen knock-offs from Overstock:

With this incredible emerald green velvet:

 Legacy Emerald by Pinder

Added a little brassy powdercoating to the legs (and in the process discovered my new fave local LA craftsmen Tortoise Industries, who will do small batch jobs and are an absolute dream to work with.)

And here's a sneak peak at what we wound up with...

I think the whole crazy process yielded really good results, don't you?  Obviously the room is totally unfinished, but those cool chairs combined with the old world table are a really great juxtaposition I think.



NoMad said...

Emerald has been everywhere lately and it's such a beautiful color but often times can be a bit overpowering. I absolutely love how these turned out and juxtapose the dining table. Fabulous! P.S. where si the table from? I'm sure you mentioned it in a previous post. Thanks!

Rosa said...

Hi Yana,
The table is Restoration Hardware...they have many of those rustic traditional style tables right now. I'm glad you like the chairs and the pairing!
Thanks for reading,

Laura Lynn said...

Love it. Twelve years ago I passed up a gorgeous 10 foot vintage farm table. It was bigger than my budget at the time and I still regret choosing electricity and water over it, haha. The chairs look so great.

Rosa said...

Thanks Laura, I'm glad you like them. It was fun to have to get creative with replicating the inspiration Saarinen chairs!

Kimbock said...

I love this post and am almost 100% convinced to try this... but I am in need of some details :)
1. Did you do these chairs yourself of have them reupholstered?
2. If so, what was your process for reupholstering the arm chairs?
3.How much material was needed per chair?
4. What brand/product did you use to powder coat the legs?


nicole n said...

i'm looking for an emerald green velvet/cotton upholstery fabric, but have found this to be super expensive. do you have any decent quality inexpensive sources?


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