I get SO many compliments on this super simple and inexpensive DIY ceiling light that I came up with for my bedroom, and I don't believe I've ever shared it with you, so here goes.

At the tail end of our remodel when the funds were dwindling, I needed an attractive flush-mount fixture for the bedroom.  I was inspired by the pretty (and expensive) sunburst light below,  and thought I could come up with a halfway decent DIY project along those lines for under $50.


Not a bad price considering the inspiration light by Global Views retails for about $700!

So I sourced this simple $30 flush-mount fixture with plain frosted glass (it was surprisingly hard to find one with this simple dome shape and no other ornamentation or metal "nipple" on it.)   
Nuvo Lighting Transitional Flush Mount
Next I ordered these and these bulk bamboo chopsticks in 2 different lengths.  I decided to add fewer "sun rays" to my light than the inspiration fixture shows because I was going for a slightly simpler, lighter look.  If you want a more opulent look then buy more chopsticks.

Both the chopsticks and the metal rim of the light fixture got a coat of gold spray paint....

When I installed the fixture (this is actually pretty easy to do yourself...I was intimidated for awhile but there are lots of YouTube tutorials out there if you want to know how!) I was able to leave just a little wiggle room between the metal rim and the ceiling so that I could wedge the chopsticks right in there.  This tensions holds the chopsticks in place just fine, and makes it easy to arrange them any way you want to.  I think I created an alternating pattern of 1 long and 2 short chopsticks all the way around.

That was about it.  At first I considered it a budget-saving "placeholder" just until I could replace it with something else, but I've really grown to like it.  My little boy now loves gazing up at that pretty sunburst pattern on the ceiling, and I kid you not almost everyone who visits my home asks about it and loves it.  So I guess it stays!



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I get SO many compliments on this super simple and inexpensive DIY ceiling light that I came up with for my bedroom, and I don't believe I've ...

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