I thought I'd share a dandy little DIY that I came up with in order to hide the extra little speakers that my husband hooked up to the flat screen TV to boost the sound.  

You may or may not have a situation like this going on in your own home...maybe your tv speakers are all integrated with your tv.  I'm far from an audio expert, but this set-up totally works and I'm really happy with it from an aesthetic perspective.

We basically made a simple wood box with no back and no face to it, to hold our extra speakers and the apple tv unit.  

Then made a little wood frame insert wrapped in black mesh fabric to slide into the front of the box and hide everything.  The remote still works with the apple tv.  Mission accomplished.

The tv is mounted on the wall just above the wood box, so it all looks sort of integrated.

photo by Bethany Nauert

Here's how I did it.  I hope you appreciate my mad photoshop skills (ahem...just kidding....that is definitely something I could work at.)

This is what the smaller frame that was wrapped in fabric is made out of...simple stick molding from the lumber store.

Make sense?   Nobody wants to see wires and av equipment everywhere.  I recommend something like this if you've got speakers or media components you'd rather hide instead! 


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