We had another absolutely idyllic summer weekend you guys.  I don't always share the "home life" stuff here, but I'm told again and again that it's the balance of professional AND personal content on this blog that keeps you reading and interested in coming back.  Which I totally makes it more meaningful somehow when you know a bit about the people you're spending a moment of your day with here in blogland!

SO...I was in San Diego on Saturday for the sweetest baby shower of an old college girlfriend, and rather than brave the LA-San Diego traffic twice in a day, we opted to stay over and spend all day Sunday at the beach.  

It was a fantastic decision.  After sunset on the beach, the requisite burrito's from Roberto's (a famed San Diego taco know if you go), and an overnight and nice breakfast in La Jolla, we settled in well before noon at the slightly less crowded end of the long stretch of beach that runs from UCSD to La Jolla village.  

The water was warm! (-ish) warm as it gets for So Cal...definitely swimmable, which we did lots of.  We saw tiny leopard sharks, built sand castles, walked a mile down the beach for lunch, and basically spent all day playing and lazing around.  I even got the baby to take an afternoon nap on the sand, which I have never been able to do with all the invigorating ocean air and crashing waves!  Speaking of that baby...he is fearless at the beach.  He's not even 1 1/2 mind you, but he runs, runs into the water without a moment's hesitation!  He loves it, my little pisces boy.

We stayed all the way to sunset and didn't worry one bit about getting on the road back to LA.  By the time we did traffic was a breeze and we rolled home late, tired, sandy and utterly happy.


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