Custom draperies are one of those items that can get very costly...especially when you want a cool pattern instead of your typical solid color panels.  So here's a curtain DIY I've done for a couple of past projects.

Olive Leaf Stencils sells some great large-scale stencil patterns that work well for curtain panels.  I usually use the linen Ikea Aina panels that I wrote about here.

I used this Ikat stencil on curtains for my sister's house...


Sorry for the low light "after" pic...but the curtains looked fabulous!  We just used a standard paint roller with watered down latex house paint.

This geometric stencil coupled with a little coral pink spray paint turned plain white drapery panels into something completely fun...

To keep the paint lines crisp and clean we sprayed the back side of the stencil with a bit of repositionable spray mount glue, just to make it slightly tacky to stick to the fabric.

Very reminiscent of this coral diamond Duralee fabric...

Or the ever-popular La Fiorentina by David Hicks, don't you think?  And with spray paint you have so many colorway options at your fingertips!

Speaking of color options, have you ever used these Design Masters spray paints?  I guess they're intended for painting silk flowers, but the array of colors they offer is far greater than your standard hardware store spray paints.  I've only tried them out on fabric, but they worked great for us!

Look how excited this girl from my random Google image search is about her paint choices!  (I wanted to show you all the subtle shades they offer.)

One client needed giant curtains to hang on the enormous windows of her downtown loft space, so we created these large-scale chevron panels using these huge (and economical) canvas painter's drop cloths.

Again, watered-down latex paint applied with a roller.  I'm not gonna lie to you though....taping off that zig zag pattern was super labor intensive...the stencil route is far easier!  We just needed a very large scale pattern in order to work with the scale of her lofty loft.

I don't have a good "after" pic with these curtains hanging in the loft yet, but I hope to soon, once the space is all finished!


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