My dining chairs pre-baby were/are a set of ivory linen upholstered parsons chairs.  Thats pre-baby.  See where I'm going with this?  Yeah, that ivory linen doesn't stand a chance against the handprints and food flinging and art projects of a toddler boy.

So far I've avoided the inevitable by using a little high chair seat clipped to the quartz counter of the kitchen island.  This lets me interact with him while I prepare meals in the kitchen.  But soon enough he'll be joining the grown-ups at the table, so it was time for a chair solution.

As fate would have it, I came upon a pair of these mid-century metal director chairs in a thrift shop, and then found 4 more identical ones on Craigslist.  Sometimes the universe just aligns that way....don't ask me how it happens.  

I cut off the naugahyde and the frames are currently at the powder coaters getting a matte brass finish.  Remember the process I used for the green velvet Saarinen style dining chairs?  That's what these chairs will get as well.

Then I'll have the backs and seats replaced with a heavy duty leather...I'm thinking something in a caramel/cognac tone to tie in with the vintage tufted leather chair in my living room.

I'm hoping that a leather with a good glossy surface treatment will hold up better to stains and spills, being wiped down with a sponge, etc...I've never had a leather sofa but everyone says they wear like champions.  Gotta be better than ivory linen.

Back soon to show you the finished product!



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