Ever since Benicio's nursery was featured on Apartment Therapy, I've gotten requests for more info on some of the DIY nursery projects I did in there before my baby was born.

One of these was the custom crib bedding that I sort of adapted from a plain Ikea crib bumper.  I don't consider myself a particularly talented seamstress since I don't tackle anything much more complicated than simple straight lines.  So this was an easy one, I promise.

Start with any plain, inexpensive crib bumper (I used this one from Ikea for $14.99) 
Sew your selected fabric (mine was this navy and white mattress ticking) right to the face of it, letting the fabric overhang the edges
by an inch or two on both top and bottom.


Fold over and iron two clean edges on a second piece of fabric, tall enough to overhang the bumper by a couple of inches.  Wrap it and sew it on like so...

I like that the rolled edge is kind of bulky and the rolled "mattress edges" on these pretty seat cushions...

STEP 3: 
I used 2.25" wide navy grosgrain ribbon sewn on for the ties, and because grosgrain doesn't fray much I just cut the ends with a 
festive double peak rather than hemming them and called it a day (told you I was no stellar seamstress.)

STEP 4: 
The crib skirt required no sewing whatsoever, just ironing with this nifty fusible hem tape.  I made 4 separate panels, one for each side of the crib. I measured the width, length, and height I'd need the 
skirt to be (measured with the crib mattress in it's uppermost 
position because that will require a taller crib skirt), and cut my fabric to that size plus about 5" excess at the top to tuck up 
beneath the crib mattress when it's in place.  Using fusible hem tape I "hemmed" all the edges without sewing a stitch.

I decided to include a spit at the center of the crib skirt for a classic tailored look.  Then I accentuated those flaps and the entire
thing by ironing on this navy blue twill tape as trim.  No sewing needed!

The top edge of the skirt just tucks up under the crib mattress and I've found that it stays put just fine.  I can adjust the height of the skirt whenever I need to adjust the height of the crib mattress by just bunching more or less fabric under the edge of the crib mattress...the weight holds it in place pretty well.


So there you have a whole custom crib ensemble for under $50.  Not too bad and pretty cute too!


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Melissa Simon said...

Would you be able to explain the tailored part on the front of the skirt in more detail? I love this! (I can't sew for the life of me!)


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