I'm all in a tizzy because I'm having a brief moment when I can actually focus some of my attention on the ol' homefront rather than big client projects requiring all my time and energy.  As usual, I have lots of ideas.  It's an occupational hazard, I swear!  So much exposure and immersion in the world of design means that my own ideas are constantly evolving and expanding to encompass new points of view.  That's one thing I love about this's never static.

For a while now my living room has sported a very neutral (and in some ways a bit masculine) color palette and look.  Charcoal sofas, shades of grey and ivory punctuated by warm cognac leather and wood tones, touches of black here and there.  A tufted leather chair, lots of leather-bound books, and accessories like a marble chess set, antique globe, and vintage brass trophy cups led to a cozy library/den vibe in there.



It's still a pleasing design to me, and also very warm and inviting in the winter months (which is when I conceived the design, no coincidence there)...but as we got into summer this year I found myself wanting a to have a bit more color and texture and "breeziness" in the space.  I've been feeling really drawn to a relaxed California/global bohemian vibe.  Think paisley block and ethnic print fabrics, kilim rugs, sisal, jute, and woven textures. 

This is kind of full circle for me, because what many people don't know is that at 20 years old a trip to India and the far east spawned a complete love affair with that part of the world, and since then I've traveled back many times, venturing to India, Morocco, Egypt and other exotic locales.  I actually lived and explored in India for an entire year after college.  Of course I was completely enamored with the textiles and exquisite handicrafts...a place where everything was still made entirely by hand.  So by my early 20s I'd collected lots of block print tapestries and quilts, and lugged home incredible Moroccan pottery...which I eventually scattered amongst family and friends and held on to very little of it myself.  For a while my design aesthetic shifted elsewhere, and it's now beginning to come back around to that slightly eastern, global vibe.  Although this time it's more subtle...tempered by a restraint and refinement that wasn't there in my 20s.  And that's what I mean about the evolution of design perspectives!

Here are some images that have inspired me along these lines lately.






Amber Lewis Interiors

Lauren Liess Design


Catch my drift?  A'right.  
SO here's what's happening in my living room:

I'm also adding some woven baskets to hold blankets and throws, and for my fiddle leaf fig.  I'm considering a large jute rug to layer beneath the antique kilim, but I'm not decided on that yet.  The kilim is plenty big enough for the room (total Saturday morning ebay SCORE!) so it's not a matter of fudging the rug size would only serve to add more texture to the space.
I can't wait to pull it all together and show you room pics!  

Remember...3 days left to enter the pillow giveaway.  Winners announced on Monday.

Happy weekend to you!



kkaplan said...

I love the rust/peach combo in the rug. I can't wait to see the finished result!

Franksfamilyandfriends said...

You always inspire me! Now I want to go home and redecorate!

Rosa said...

Thanks you guys! It's really coming together, can't wait to finish it and reveal it to you :)

KKButler said...

Hi Rosa, I am going for a similar look in my family room...some polished/tailored pieces mixed with the global bohemian vibe. I have a self professed obsession with pillows, and have been drooling over the selection from this amazing Etsy seller in Thailand: The pillows are made from vintage ethnic costumes, and the colors are so incredible. Best of all, the prices are reasonable. I hope you find them inspiring as well! Kelly

Rosa said...

Kelly that's a fabulous source, thanks so much for the heads up! I shared it on the blog too :)

KKButler said...

Hi Rosa, you made my day by featuring this source on your blog - I'm so glad you liked the pillows. The hardest part for me now will be to choose between all of these beauties! Kelly


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