This was a powder room just begging for some statement wallpaper.  It came to us already equipped with lovely vintage hex floor tiles with seafoam green accents, beadboard wainscoting, and even that pretty nickel moravian star lantern.  

We had a great start, but a powder room is the perfect space to pull out all the stops, so we knew we wanted a stand-out wallpaper and that it could be a splurge, especially since we only needed to cover the upper portion of the walls 

Design Tip: This is an excellent approach to hanging wallpaper if you want to save on costs OR if you're afraid it might overwhelm the room.  Install a simple chair rail or wainscot around the perimeter, keep the base painted a solid color, and hang the wallpaper above.

In the design phase I showed you all the wallpaper options we considered.  We were looking for something large scale and dramatic.  We settled on the iconic Martinique banana leaf pattern, which debuted in 1941 in the Beverly Hills Hotel and is still enormously popular more than 70 years later!  That's the staying power of good design.

Here are the BEFORE PHOTOS:

 And the end result!  AFTER:

It's a complete transformation in the look and feel of the space, wouldn't you agree!?   From "boring" to "statement," for sure.


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