This was a fun space to work on!  As I mentioned before when I gave you a sneak peek, the office is in a sunny nook off one of the guest bedrooms, and it came with the floral wallpaper called "Petal Pusher" by Hygge & West.  What a stroke of luck that was, since this office will be for the lady of the house and she happened to love the floral on the walls.  The fantastic orange lacquer desk also belonged to the previous owner and was negotiated as part of the house sale.  So we had some good things happening in here from the get go!

Here are a couple BEFORE shots...

I thought that the mid-century brass light fixture, while totally interesting, was a bit overpowering in this space.  I love the fixture that replaced it, with the brass fittings and silk fluted drum shade.  You'll find all the links and sources listed below.


We custom made a very ladylike teal velvet settee, an RBD design, of course.  Here's a little   
design tip: Blue (or teal) and orange make very good bedfellows.  They are directly opposite each other on the color wheel, so it's a complimentary color combo.

The dark teal sofa was dying for some super bright pillows to set it off, so I chose a couple af Kaffe Fassett a textile designer this man is unequaled in my book for wild, trippy florals (trippy like you're on hallucinogenics) in super bright, saturated colors.  They're a feast for the eyes.  In this space one might think that more floral prints would clash with the wallpaper, but I love the way they pump up the volume in the room...a good example of when more really is more.  



Same thing going on in here with wall art as with the rest of the house...the wall space above the sofa really needs something hanging on it, but these clients were a young couple who hoped to build a quality art collection over time rather than buying anything hastily or as a placeholder.  That's a respectable position, if one that drove me just a teeny tiny bit crazy in trying to "complete" each space.

So nothing went up on the walls in here, but let it be a design tip: that it really is OK and yes, appropriate, to hang art on wallpapered walls, even a busy pattern like this.  In fact it's needed to break up all the pattern and let the eye rest.  The right art selections will enhance the whole look and not compete with or detract from your wallpaper, I promise.





Wallpaper: Hygge & West
Gold geometric desk lamp: Land of Nod
Ceiling pendant: Shades of Light
Lucite desk chair: IVG Stores
All acrylic desk accessories: Container Store
White cowhide rug: United Leather
Teal velvet settee: Rosa Beltran Design
Swimsuit watercolor print: Shana Frase
Lucite coffee table: Overstock

Lacquer boxes: Container Store
Framed blue butterfly: Etsy
Gold wire side table: Target (but discontinued, I believe)
Blue floral throw pillows: custom with Kaffe Fassett Bekah fabric 
Orange floral bolsters: custom with Kaffe Fassett Bekah fabric 
Orange abstract orange splash throw pillow: Target
All other art objects and accessories: vintage and thrifted

I hope you have yourself a beautiful weekend.  Fall has suddenly arrived in LA.  Last week it was melting hot, and this week there's a new crispness in the air...I've actually donned a sweater in the morning and evening!  The squirrels have started up their frenzied preparations for winter in our big backyard tree and my baby boy loves watching them chase each other 'round and 'round the trunk.  The seasons here are subtle, yes, but definitely there if you choose to notice.

Back next week with the final installment of this house tour, the LIVING ROOM.  It is probably my favorite room I've ever designed and I think you'll like it too.


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