HUGE thanks to everyone who participated in the pillow giveaway and left's so gratifying to know that you're actually out there, following along.   The winners are announced at the bottom of this post :)

I loved our interaction so much that I'm going to keep up the giveaways on a regular basis, all right?  I think next up will be a little faux malachite hand-painted box for ya...

Remember me threatening awhile back to jump on the malachite faux-ing trend?  Well the right project came along and I'm on a kick now, making some amazing faux malachite lamps for the Los Feliz "Parisian Chic" apartment I'm working on, and since I always pick up plain wooden boxes and trays whenever I see them out thrifting, you know I'll be transforming some of those into malachite treasures.  Stay tuned for that giveaway and to see the crazy beautiful lamps I made for the "Parisian Chic"project.

But for the moment, I'm seriously waffling on a big design decision and I'm taking any and all input you care to offer!  Remember the vintage metal director's chairs I bought a while back and planned to re-vamp for my own dining room?  (I've since found out they're a mid-century design put out by Virtue Brothers furniture company of Compton, CA.  Cool.)  They're back from the powdercoaters with a new matte brass finish, and now I'm completely stuck on deciding what material to use for the sling seats and backs.

What I know for sure is that I'm ditching the brown naugahyde that you see in both the before and after photos (looks like different colors but it's just different lighting.)  My initial plan was to use a tawny cognac / brandy tone leather for a classic look...that's the sample that I clothespinned to the middle of the chair back.  It's generally my favorite hue for any leather, and it ties in well with the rest of the house, including the mid-centry leather tufted chair chair in the living room.  My hope is that the leather would be pretty kid-friendly...stains and spills much more wipeable than the ivory linen on my current chairs.

Something like this...only with the brass chair frames...

BUT once I saw it on the chair along with all the brown wood tones in my dining room, I started to reconsider.  It's too much brown, right?  Doesn't the cognac leather just get a little lost?  Do I need a color that will pop more?

I have tons of leather samples on-hand in my fabric library so I tried out blues, greys, camels...nothing really worked.  Either they didn't contrast enough against the brass frame, or they didn't stand out enough against the grey walls and the dark walnut dining table and medium brown wood floors.  The only alternate possibility I could even entertain was a peacock blue teal leather.

By sheer coincidence the other day Jenny from Little Green Notebook posted about doing her dining chairs in peacock blue leather, and although at the time I wasn't even remotely considering this as an option, it turns out it's the only shade of leather (other than the cognac) that I felt was in the running after my process of elimination.  

Nice, right?  But I'm feeling sort of paralyzed about pulling the trigger on the peacock blue!  I just hadn't thought I'd do a strong color there (although I'm not really opposed to it...I just have to get used to the idea.)  There are 6 chairs, so it will be a big element in the house (open floor room flows into the dining flows into the kitchen.  The teal does work with the rest of the colors and spaces, I think.)  

I started considering other options too...fabric, or waxed canvas (thinking that a waxed finish might be more impermeable and stain resistant than a typical fabric, not to mention a lot less expensive than leather.)  The fabric option would mean that I could more easily sew the seats myself, which is a cost saver, whereas with expensive leather I'm not sure I'd have the confidence to do that (but maybe...I'd have to look into getting the right leather needle, etc.)  I could do a tobacco/spice brown canvas with leather trip for a vintage safari chair vibe?  But I sort of run into the same problem...the waxed canvas colors are, brown, olive...nothing that would stand out much against all the brown wood.  

I've even considered going with pattern.  I love this Premier Prints knock-off of the teal Peter Dunham ikat and it's a heavy, woven, durable fabric that I think would work fine on the chairs.


But honestly I don't think I can rock a pattern on my dining chairs...I like having the flexibility to go in any direction with my table settings, and I feel like a busy pattern on the chairs would limit the options for the tablescape, plus it might just be overkill on all 6 chairs.

So what do YOU think??  Is there a color or option that you like best?  Help me, I'm seriously stuck!

Here are the 3 randomly chosen winners of the pillow giveaway...please email me your delivery address and I'll send out your pillow covers!  And thanks for participating :)
*Amanda K          
*Erin B


Anneliese said...

LOVING the peacock... gorgeous. It will ground the chairs while adding some serious color.

I sent you my delivery address. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to enter/win.

Erin B said...

Yes! Go for the Peacock. Its stunning with the brass and can be versatile. Save the pattern for tabletop so you can change it frequently. Peacock is my favorite color... I'm doing drapery in my dining room in it. :-)
Thanks so much for the covers and chance to win!! I love reading your blog- you're such a practical yet beautifully creative and talented designer. I'm often inspired. Cheers!

artluvr said...

Without seeing the entire space, it's hard to know how large an impact the peacock will have. Love that color, though, and it will make the brass pop. Of course I'm the girl with 2 Baughman chairs upholstered in aqua leather. Totally agree that any of the browns will be too muddy and don't do much for the new brass bases. If you go back to standard fabric, you run into the cleaning/upkeep problems again. Someone will spill gravy or red wine, you know they will. Don't know much about waxed canvas. Have you considered sunbrella? Not sure what colorways are available, but it is pretty bomb-proof, and you can work with that yourself.

Looking forward to the malachite giveaway!

Angelique Bianca said...

Well, since I don't get to hang out with you in person as often as I would like!!! It's awesome to get to here! Not quite the same, but I love your style and designs so it's fun to see what you're up to!
I was slightly disappointed not to win a pillow for my new home-but now you have a new giveaway and I love those too! FUN!! Regardless of winning or no win, I'm in for the ride and can't wait for the day I have a project you can help me design!!!! :) LOTS OF LOVE

Rosa said...

Thanks for weighing in, you guys. I think I have to do the peacock blue, don't I? For ALL the reasons you all listed...seems like the way to go. Of course I'll keep you posted with the reveal when it's done!

Eiron said...

Do it! It will look awesome:)


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