I've got a great little find to share today, just in case you haven't seen it already!  

I recently installed this Crate & Barrel "Libations" bar cart in the Los Feliz English Colonial house I designed in LA.  BUT ... this cart is NOT my secret tip for you ... so read on!  

It's a great bar cart option due to its clean, straight lines, wood-accented handles, and matte brass finish.  It's one of those chameleon pieces that can go either modern or traditional, quirky or classic.  

Here it is again used in a room styled by Emily Henderson (I know, I know, I've referenced her twice this week ... I like her and she's the only other designer I could find with photos of this cart used another way!)

It's a lovely piece and I'm definitely a fan, but just know that even priced at $600, it's not actually solid brass ... the brass tone is clearly a surface-applied finish.  

SO.....Target recently rolled out their verrrrry similar "Threshold Wood and Brass" bar cart for only $130!  It's a bit smaller than the C&B version, but I've seen it in person and the brass finish is nearly as good ... a bit more gold in tone, but still really nice.  The wood detail on this cart comes in the form of the wooden tray surfaces, which I think provides a really nice material contrast to the brass finish.  

Here it is styled up by Suite Life Designs ...

Bearing in mind that most new metal bar carts run $600-$1500+ (search "Worlds Away" bar carts and you'll find plenty of drool-worthy, super pricey options) I think this little cart is a steal and I wouldn't hesitate to use it!  

Be quick about it though ... Target tends to cycle through their design collections rather quickly and it won't be available forever.

Hope you have a great weekend!



Robyn S said...

Seriously great find!

Rosa said...

Hi Robyn :)) Thanks and thanks for reading! How's you're house coming along?

Tiffany Norman said...

I can't believe Target's cart is so nice and reasonably priced. I really like that you showed pics of it dressed up, so I know what it would look like in my house. Well done!

Rosa said...

Thanks Tiffany, I'm glad you like my bar cart find! Thanks for commenting and for following along!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for featuring my Target bar cart! I agree with you it is a great find for a great price!

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