The changing seasons and the feeling of the holidays approaching have me thinking of one of my favorite aspects of these fall and winter table settings! I'm a goner for a pretty tablescape, and I start dreaming of color schemes, flower arrangements, table linens and placecard holders literally months in advance.
Gold tone flatware is one of my favorite things to add to a holiday table. There's just something so festive and special about setting your table with warm and lustrous gold instead of the daily stainless typical of every day use.
(Blogger is STILL not working properly for me and I can't really format text and spacing, caption photos or provide I'm sorry for the odd sized pics!)
Last year I spent some time scouring ebay for gold flatware, and did indeed find and buy a set of gold-tone bamboo utensils. I used it here on my Christmas table with lots of cobalt blue.
Since I often seat a big crowd I splurged on a large 12-person boxed set of the vintage gold bamboo flatware for about $200. But a quick search for "gold flatware" on ebay just now turned up these options and a whole bunch more for under $100, and some for under $50...
(How gorgeous is this gold with black enamel?!? It's here:
West Elm has also begun carrying the gold flatware above which has nice, clean lines. DWR carries some also, albeit both priced significantly higher than you can score it for on ebay.
And it's certainly not only for the Winter's pretty fantastic paired with any saturated jewel tone for a really eye-catching tablescape year round...
So what do you say...are you half as obsessed with gold flatware as I am?


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