All right this isn't exactly an interior design tip, but it is about refining your quality of life at home, which is kind of in the same category right?  

For a really long time I've been a big fan of my old school Liss Soda Syphon.  I adore sparkling water and I often mix up refreshing fruit juice elixirs, homemade ginger ale, sparkling lemonade, and creative cocktails with it.
(not a sponsored post ... I'm just genuinely enthused about my homemade bubbly water!)

But years ago I began to feel guilty about toting home all those bottles from the grocery store. Though I recycle, the energy that goes into making this single-use product on the front end makes it pretty unsustainable, especially if the water itself is sourced and shipped all the way from Italy!  Know what I'm saying? 

Turns out seltzer was once the norm throughout the first half of the century and many households received weekly deliveries from the seltzer man just as they did from the milk man.  You'll come across these pretty vintage syphons in antique stores sometimes ...

These days homemade seltzer is starting to make a comeback and this time it's truly easy to make yourself.  All you need is a syphon bottle and the CO2 cartridges (best pricing I've found on both) to pressurize regular flat water, and you've got bubble!

I personally love that I've eliminated a big source of needless packaging from my consumer footprint, and as a bonus I guess I pay about 50 cents per liter as opposed to $1-$6 for storebought.  

Hope you have a great weekend!


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