Not the glitziest or sexiest Friday Find, perhaps, but incredibly useful I assure you!  I was recently in the market for a very specific type of rug pad for an antique Turkish kilim I bought from Istanbul by way of ebay.  (I really like this ebay rug seller by the way...great inventory and pricing.)

Kilims, especially antique ones, can be pretty thin, and this one had a tendency to lay not quite flat on the floor and to wrinkle and bunch easily when walked on.  As a result it was getting a lot more tugging and wear and tear than it should have.  I needed a rug pad that would both add some substance to the rug and ideally be "grabby" enough to make it stay put.  

All the usual thin, dinky mesh rug pads left a lot to be desired.  But I finally found the No-Muv Dura-Hold Plus...and it's shear genius!  It's about 1/4" thick and has some sort of imprinted chevron zig zag grippy texture on the top surface that holds in place even the thinnest, lightest, blanket-weight rug.  

Since installing it I've had zero issues with my rug bunching or moving one bit.  The No-Muv was the perfect solution for a kilim, and they also make specific models for thicker rugs,  rug-on-rug, and rug-on-wood applications.

 No-Muv pads are pricier than simple rubber mesh rug pads, but soooo worth it, I say!  Especially since they can be custom cut to any specific size you need, and come with free shipping from this vendor.

Have a great weekend!


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