You guys!  I picked up the prototype for my peacock blue leather dining chairs that I told you all about here,  here, and here.  

Inspired by all these gorgeous metal dining chairs below, I was excited to find a set of mid-century director chairs made right here in LA by a company called Virtue Brothers.  I actually found the first 2 in an antique store, and scored the remaining 4 on Craigslist.  I've since seen them listed on Etsy and Ebay as well.

The chrome finish on my vintage chairs was in need of refinishing, so I opted to have them professionally powdercoated in a matte brass tone.  Of course electroplating with real brass would have been the most fabulous option, but it's super pricey.  Powdercoating is an ultra durable baked-on paint finish, and at Tortoise Industries here in LA it runs $350 for a "batch" (which can include anything from your metal furniture to your bicycle to your stair railings.)  

I debated about the color of leather to replace the vinyl with, and thought long and hard about a peacock teal blue...

 I am SO glad I went with this choice...I love it!!  The teal blue and brass look great together!

This combo is just wildly better than the cognac shade I first considered, which is my usual favorite "go-to" color for leather ... just look at Amber's inspiring shots here to see what I mean about that.  But in this case it was just too much brown on brown on brown.

It won't be long until I can show you images of these chairs situated in my dining room with the new wall art I'm dying to tell you all about!  Hint: it's another one of those DIY large scale photographs I like to do ... you're gonna love, I promise.


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Rizky Buldog said...

Leather Dining Chairs are very unique, with a glowing blue color and wood were a little thin. This could be an inspiration for me, thanks and success to you;)


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