One of my all-time favorite tablescape designers is Eddie Ross.  I have never seen a tabletop styled by that man that I didn't love ... everything he touches turns to gold!  His florals are to die, and his use of color and pattern is brilliant.  The level of detail that goes into his table tops, from creatively re-purposing all sorts of vessels as flower vases or tiny little salt cellars, to the sculptural elements he often adds to his tables, just takes it all to another level.  And he's a big time "thrifter" too ... he knows that's usually where the best little treasures can be found! :)

One of the tricks that I see Eddie using again and again is extra tall taper candles, usually in a saturated color rather than plain white.  This is something I would not necessarily have done on my own ... I'd always thought colored candles to be kind of gauche and assumed that elegant white was the only way to go. Not so, apparently.  Observe these gorgeous tables, all by Eddie Ross ...

Eddie's favorite candle source (and now mine too) is www.creativecandles.com, where they come in sizes up to 24" tall.  I ordered the 18" candles for my Christmas table ... gonna rock the tall tapers this year too!

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