Altitude Summit aka Alt is sort of the be-all, end-all of design and design blogger conferences.  

There are offshoot "mini Alts" that happen in San Fran and NYC, but the main annual conference in Salt Lake City is now in it's 5th year and I'm finally going for the first time!  Feels like I'm just emerging from the long and all-consuming "epoch of the baby" ... last year I had a crawling, nursing one, the year before I was basically giving birth, and the year before that...pregnant maybe?  Well not quite, but at any rate, Alt hasn't come together for me until now, and I'm excited!  

Add to my excitement the fact that I missed purchasing tickets when they first went on sale (and quickly sold out) months ago, so I was thrilled that a few more tickets were released late in the game and I could still jump on the bandwagon!  (Which brings me to the question ... who reading this is going and wants to bunk in the room I booked at the conference hotel?  I'm traveling there solo and I know plenty of other lady bloggers are too.  I mean it's a highly social event and fo' sho' more fun, not to mention economical, to hang out in numbers, so email me and we'll work it out!)

It will no doubt be ripe grounds for networking, meeting and being inspired by incredibly creative people, admiring the fashion on display, sipping and noshing and making the rounds of all the impeccably-styled dinners and parties that go on all weekend ... in short, a very good time!

Traditionally there is a color-themed party thrown on one of the nights, and this year the color is GREEN.  Everyone goes all-out in their attire, and I'm thinking of wearing a new chartreuse mini shift dress that I was saving for summer (in winter I tend towards neutral hues but I do unleash the COLOR in the summertime! Neons look pretty great on olive skin tones, I gotta say.)  So what do you think ...

Especially since it just made an appearance in the pillows for the "Parisian Chic" 1930s apartment project I'm just wrapping up work on ...

Yup, getting excited for

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