Ooh I have such a juicy bargain tip for you today!

Who doesn't love a good deal right!?  Do you regularly check out blogs like Copy Cat Chic to see what fabulous high-end design has been made available somehow, somewhere, for way, way less?  I totally do.  Because it happens!  Yes, sometimes the old adage "you get what you pay for" holds true, but sometimes you really do find amazing design+quality at seriously low prices.  Anyone who prowls thrift stores, or Homegoods, or appreciates the non-stop hit parade of Nate Berkus for Target can attest to that :)

I just made one such exciting find while sourcing lighting for my newest project, an attractive bungalow in the Larchmont Village pocket of LA (great little neighborhood, by the way, with a totally fun and walkable vibe to it.)  

So I came across this line of lighting made by Uttermost, and it's a pretty close design substitute for some of my favorite GORGEOUS (and very expensive) Circa Lighting lamps.  

These Circa lamps generally run $300-700 apiece.  They are SO lovely and well-made yes, but a little pricey and maybe out of reach for some budgets.  

The Circa originals ...




And here are the Uttermost lamps I found that look a LOT like Circa but cost significantly less!

And for the cherry on top, did you know about the Lamps Plus "Open Box Outlet?"  Somehow it's a relatively new discovery for me!  It's the part of the online Lamps Plus site that sells off seriously discounted lighting because it's been opened and returned but is otherwise just fine.  And there are some DEEP discounts to be found!  The Uttermost lamps usually retail for $200-400, and here you can pick them up for $100-200 apiece.

So.  You're welcome.  Hope your week is off to a good start today!


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