It's been a little while since I wrote a post purely about architecture hasn't it!?  Well it's that time again.  I like writing this blog best when I'm sharing with you whatever is currently going on in my design world, and this weekend I had modern architecture on the brain.

A friend is thinking of building something along these lines...essentially a collection of stacked cubes and straight lines.  We gleaned lots of inspiration by just going out walking through Runyon Canyon in the Hollywood hills and looking around us ... do you ever do this?  I'll often just wander my neighborhood when I'm ruminating about a particular design concept like house+trim colors, architecture styles, and especially landscape design.  I realize I'm lucky in that LA has an amazing and varied collection of interesting architecture, but wherever you are it's a great way to figure out what works for you in a real setting, and what doesn't!  

So during our scouting mission for this project I found myself drawn to a particular blend of contemporary modern and classic mid-century architectural design.  I liked the modern, clean-lined simplicity of the stacked cube forms, coupled with deep overhanging Frank Lloyd Wright-esqe eaves which make so much sense for mitigating the blazing California summer sun on southern exposures.

I also found myself most-drawn to the homes with all white or nearly all white exteriors .... I loved the clean, bright simplicity of this look ...

I'll keep you posted as this newborn project moves along.  Enjoy your Monday!



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