I'm working on a project for my favorite type of client ... the kind who understands that a mix of old and new is the absolute best way to achieve a lovely layered, put together room, and who trusts me enough to let me hunt for vintage pieces and pull the trigger when I find them!  

Because that's really the way this process works best ... great vintage scores must be scooped up before someone else gets them, so having the autonomy to do that in a project is key.  The usual process of presenting ideas and getting purchase orders approved is slooooww and doesn't work so great in this instance.  I'm always happy to have a client who "gets" that and lets me do my best work as a result.   

My latest vintage scores! 

Here's what I've found for this project so far at my local thrift stores, antique haunts, and the famed Rose Bowl Flea Market.  All of these pieces are now at the refinishers getting gussied up with glossy new lacquer finishes, and once you see these "befores" you are going to LOVE the "afters!"

For the master bedroom:

a pair of campaign nightstands...

People you can NEVER go wrong with a good campaign chest.  There are just SO many directions you take them in!

Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson
Remember this campaign dresser makeover I did?  Check out the "before" version in the tour of that gorgeous home that I posted here.  You won't believe the transformation!

Rosa Beltran Design
I also scored a lovely traditional highboy dresser for the master bedroom that will go either ivory or soft grey, I haven't decided.
vintage highboy dresser...

Inspiration for the dresser ...

Next up for the guest room is a vintage desk and chair to re-do.  My client begged to re-create this orange and cobalt bedroom she saw and loved from a previous project of mine ... it was actually the reason she came to me in the first place, because of this happy room :)

Rosa Beltran Design
a little writing desk to 
paint(in orange or white, 
what's your vote?)...

a windsor chair to pair with the desk 
(in either orange or white, whatever color the desk is not)...

Now on to the living room, where I'm using this vintage solid wood cabinet to house the dvd player and other media components:
a vintage chest for the media cabinet...

The lines are clean and simple and I really think that once it's been lacquered and the hardware changed to simple brass rings it will be reminiscent of this stunning console my carpenters once built for me for a lovely English Colonial home I decorated (which you can check out here and here.)

And lastly while at the Rose Bowl Flea Market on Sunday I found this long regency-style cabinet that I'm having painted and turned into a window seat bench by adding a top with an upholstered box cushion:
a regency cabinet to become a 
window seat bench...

It will wind up looking a little something like this ...

That's what's up in my world!  Thanks for stopping by :) Happy hump day.



Tricia said...

I love all your finds and what you plan to do with them! I swear I'm going to get out there one day to hit the Rose Bowl flea market!
All your hardware upgrades are amazing! Do you have a good source for hardware?
Tricia // Suburban Bitches

Rosa said...
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Rosa said...
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Rosa said...

Hi Tricia!

I took your question and ran with it in today's blog post. My fave sources for brass ring pulls are all revealed here:


Thanks for asking, and for following along!


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