In my last post I shared with you all the fun vintage pieces I'm currently having re-finished for a client project, and people have asked me where I get the big, solid brass ring pulls that I often use when upgrading furniture hardware.  

I'm so happy to share this tip with you because I love these gorgeous ring pulls and happen to have a really great, affordable source for them!

They are the 3" Mission Style Solid Brass Ring Pull in Polished Brass Finish from this online vendor.  They're very well made in solid, heavy brass and they're only $12.99 apiece!  I've always felt that you really can't go wrong with the classic shape of a ring pull, and with these you can spend just $50 or $60 and seriously change the countenance of a piece of furniture!

To give you a sense of the scale, I used them on this custom credenza from the English Colonial house I designed.

My inspiration for this custom cabinet was the lovely albeit quite pricey Bennett Console from Layla Grace.

Here, somebody used these pulls on a bathroom vanity ... pretty!

via Pinterest
The look also reminds me of this bananas Robsohn-Givings credenza from 1st Dibs that one of my faves, Jenny Komenda, was just taking inspiration from over on her blog Little Green Notebook. (In fact, I don't know if they're original or were added later, but I would wager that those rings are the exact same ones I use...they're a dead ringer at least.)

1st Dibs
In case you're looking for something larger scale, these solid brass door knockers from my same source are also amazing quality for the price. 

I've always wanted to do an Ikea Pax wardrobe hack by painting the doors black and mounting big brass door knockers on the center panel of each door ... kind of like this look but even better :) ...


And when you need a smaller scale ring pull for more petite pieces of furniture, these classic little brass ring pulls by Bellacor are my current favorite.

And that's my ode to the magical transformative power of brass ring pulls :)  Have at it people!

all images via Pinterest
I also revealed a source for some lovely brass furniture feet in this past post.



KKButler said...

Rosa, great source - thank you so much for sharing! It's perfect timing - I'm refurbishing a china cabinet and an old dresser from my Grandmother's house, and have been looking for some stylish pulls to update the look. Thanks for all of the ideas and inspiration! Kelly

Rosa said...

Great Kelly, glad you found some good inspiration here! Thanks for being a reader :)


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