I'm always into seeing how people appoint and style their outdoor spaces.  Especially in a climate like ours that's warm all year-round and so it's ALL about the indoor/outdoor living.  I love gleaning inspiration from the various ways people incorporate their patios, decks and yards into their daily lives.  So I'm excited to see what the other 5 designers in this month's challenge have done!

In case you haven't been following our "Year of Change" series, I've teamed up with 4 other design bloggers and a rotating roster of guest designers to bring you monthly DIYS on a chosen theme.  This month's directive was a broad one: simply do something outdoors. (Last month we put our furniture refinishing skillz to the test, and the month before involved stenciled walls.) 

I went all out boho with this month's challenge.  I'm a huge lover of color and pattern and a global, ethnic vibe in decorating, but I often opt to quiet that down in my own home's interiors.  I've just found that timeless and classic seems to have the most staying power with me.  (It's a condition common amongst designers ... we're so oversaturated with visuals and design that we can tire of looking at something a lot more easily than the next person might.)

So this "Global Bohemian Al Fresco" was actually a concept I started dreaming about last summer in this post.  These are some of the inspiration images I pulled together back then ...
And this is what I pulled off for this challenge, just in time for summer this year! ...

Here's the lowdown:  The space I wanted to work with was a very lackluster concrete patio just in front of my design studio (which is a converted garage detached from the house, so what we're really talking about here is the old driveway.)  Here's a shot of the space when we bought the house (a complete "fixer"), and one with some "meh" placeholder patio furniture from Craigslist (you can tour my entire design studio, as featured on Apartment Therapy, here.) 

I eventually added a bamboo hedge in front of the fence because I clearly needed something to grow tall quickly to shield us from that unfortunate plastic carport and all the other various "junk" in the neighboring yard.  

I definitely unleashed my inner gypsy with the fabric colors and patterns ... dare to mix!

I love the look of the extra fat welt I had my upholsterers use on the edges of the papasan cushion ...

This fabulous carved-top coffee table was sort of my own "invention,"made from a Pier1 piece intended as wall art! (sources below)

See how the striped rug functions almost as a neutral in combo with all the busy patterned pillows?  People think stripes will be visually chaotic, but they're actually a great backdrop that can ground a space without competing if you're using lots of other pattern.

The string lights go a looong way in creating ambiance, especially for evening entertaining!

Now it's a backyard hang-out that I truly love, not to mention a much more inviting entrance and overflow seating zone for my little design studio ...

-papasan loveseat: Craigslist (Pier1 sells them new) with custom cushion in Waverly sun-n-shade 
-throw cushions: all made of fabrics from my remnant stash
-fretwork wood chairs: vintage with cushions in Swaying Palms indoor/outdoor fabric
-coffee table: Pier1 papsan chair base + Pier1 round carved "Gujarat" wall decor on top
-green serving tray: Pier1
-rattan side table: thrift store
-faux bone inlay side table: my DIY project 
-glass pitcher and blue glasses: Pier1
-Moroccan lanterns: Pier1
-bent wood lantern: Pier1
-string lights: commercial grade (highly recommend for durability)
-bench beside studio door: vintage, with cushion in Premier Prints Jiri

Now be sure to go check out what the other bloggers have done with their outdoor projects ; )

And thanks for following along!


Anonymous said...

such a fun space! I love all the patterns mixing together, and I think the bamboo plants and the pier 1 art turned table are genius!

Rosa said...

Thank you! I'm so happy to hear you liked it, and thanks for following along!

Patrick Tan said...

Such interesting combinations! I never dared to try something like this in my home, but after seeing this, I might soon! My wife will be thrilled! -Patrick Tan

iqbalkhan said...

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