Sometimes even the best-laid plans go awry.  It happened to me last week when this gorgeous custom sofa I made for a client couldn't quite be navigated through the corridor of the 19th floor luxury apartment it was meant for.  Serious bummer.  Doorways and elevators were of course measured in advance, but this sexy beast of a sofa just did not round corners well.  Admittedly geometry was not my strongest subject in high school, but it's also fair to say that this sort of stuff is just hard to gauge in a 2D sketch on paper.  Thankfully in all the hundreds of furniture orders I've filled, this is the only time this has ever happened to me.

So!  Now I have a rush order in on a new sofa to being constructed in 2 pieces that will be joined together once they've safely made it inside my client's living room ... and I have this brand new mad sexy black velvet roll arm sofa to sell off! I'm asking $2K for it, which is far under what we paid for it.  Email me for all the dimensions and details.

It's definitely a unique piece ... SO amazingly soft, comfortable, well-made, and just stunning to look at.  For the right space, it would be a showstopper, I promise you that.

Here's some imagery to help you see where I'm going with the penthouse.  We loosely based the design and feel of this sofa on the seriously sexy Maddox Collection by Ralph Lauren ... in fact this black velvet skull and crossbones pillow was our jumping-off point.  Very Hollywood, rock-n-roll, luxurious and sensual with a bit of an edge ... I sort of feel like I'm channeling Martyn Lawrence Bullard on this project :)

Our design approach is definitely "more is more."  My client loves antiques and has an impressive collection of old world paintings, so we're layering in lots of luxe fabrics and draperies in deep, saturated jewel tones along with antiques, oriental carpets, chinoiserie wall murals, Tiffany lamps, giant potted palms ... all this combines to create the amazingly lush aesthetic of these "more is more" rooms ...
(all images via my project pinterest board)

That's one direction to take with this sofa, but it could go down a LOT of different ways!  

What would YOU do with it?

Big shout out to my gem of a boyfriend who took these pretty sofa photos for us (undoubtedly the least interesting subject this talented guy has ever shot) and offered to store it in his photography studio which is at all times less overcrowded and way more organized than my office ever is!  Thanks babe :)

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