I could really use some help here and I love love LOVE it if you would weigh in with your opinions!  
As you may know, I'm working on launching my own line of furniture this year.  I've been designing and locally manufacturing custom, one-of-a-kind furniture for my clients for years, and I'm feeling really ready and excited to apply all the knowledge I've gleaned during that process to the creation of a beautiful and refined collection of furniture that represents my tastes and style and will be available to order online nationwide.  Exciting!!

All weekend I've been playing around with names for the furniture line.  My interior design business will stay as it is, Rosa Beltran Design.  But we're thinking that the furniture line should have its own name too ... something that ties in with my whole design business, but also sets it apart as it's own thing (I also love my round "RB" medallion logo and I might want to incorporate it into the new name.)  In the future I'll likely be adding other items like lighting and accessories to my home line, so I wouldn't want any name that limits me to just furniture.  These are some ideas I'm playing with ...


OR it could also go in a totally different direction!  I'm really wide open to suggestions.  We could eliminate the "RB" logo altogether and just use a stand alone word or concept as the name.  What do you think!?  You're the ones who I want to appeal to, so it's your opinion that I value the most!
I'm currently designing the collection and having my prototypes made to be photographed for the website.  Because I don't have a brick and mortar store, sometimes I wind up with a surplus of inventory that I need to get rid of quickly to make room for the next batch of furniture arriving.  These I sell on Craigslist, Chairish, etc ... and I'll also list them here just in case anyone wants to snag one for themselves!  Today it's a perfect mid-century style sofa in a blue grey.  100" long x 31" high x 35" deep. Sale price $1500.  I don't have interstate shipping set up yet, but it's not difficult to get reasonable shipping quotes from companies like uship.com. 


Amber Koogler said...

This is soooooooo gorgeous!!! It would totally be coming to live with me if I could afford it right now!!!

I also love the idea of incorporating your RB logo in your furniture line name. I think it helps keep your brand consistent.

Amber @ www.AverieLane.com

artluvr said...

Gorgeous and so inexpensive at that price that even shipping to New England is still a deal. But with 3 dogs, we need leather! I'll be looking for leather prototypes. Oh, and ivory or bone are good. ;-)

As for the new name, RB Home would be great if it weren't already so over-done. Domicile sounds a bit twee to me. Reside is good, if a little forced. Thinking out loud, --Originals, Source, Elements. . .

Or, if I were more creative, I would suggest a 2-word name using the R.B. initials, like Rare (then some noun that begins with B but I can't think of an appropriate one off the top of my head).

Congratulations on this new venture, and, as they say in the theater, Break a leg!

Rosa said...

Hi Amber,

Thanks so much for your feedback. I'm glad you love the prototype sofa ... much more to come! Can't wait to reveal the whole line to you guys :)

Rosa said...

Hi Artluvr,

Thank you! I'm working on setting up really affordable nationwide shipping so that my furniture feels very accessible to everyone :)

Love your name ideas, and I really appreciate the honest feedback too. RB Originals sounds interesting ... I may be leaning toward RB Home or RB Abode because they're very on-brand and self-explanatory. I

Keep the ideas coming!

Kathy, NM said...

Of the suggested names, I prefer Abode!

KKButler said...

Hi Rosa, I like
RB Nest..."Nesting" brings to mind the act of enjoying your home to the fullest - creating memories and personalizing your home...Congratulations on your new furniture line - absolutely fantastic and such a milestone!


Stuart Spindlow said...

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