How has it gotten to be the last Friday in June already!?!  You know what that means: time to reveal our "Year of Change" monthly design challenge.

As you'll remember from my past reveals, (March = a tribal chevron-stenciled entry, April = a diy furniture round-up, and May = a boho Moroccan patio,)  I've joined with a group of other design bloggers and we're tackling small and totally doable DIY projects in our homes each and every month for a year. The point is to inspire each other (and you) to get down to business too!

This month we all tried our hand at a new pendant light swag kit that Lamps Plus suggested we check out. (I know, Lamps Plus again!  And it's actually a complete coincidence that I just recently participated in their "Design Duel," where happily enough, my room won with the most votes by far!)

I paired their plug-in shade swag adaptor kit with their pleated lime green shade to bring some fun texture and color to my kiddo's little art nook.  I'm loving the pleated shade!  Whoever would have thought?  Before this I'd have told you firmly that pleated lamp shades belong strictly to the 70s and maybe the early 80s ... but hey, I can surprise even myself sometimes!  Obviously the neon color and the whimsical setting help to update it a bit here.

Conveniently the kit can be either plugged in to an outlet or hardwired directly to the ceiling, and since I'm renting this apartment for the coming few months while beginning to renovate our nearby home, the plug-in option was perfect for me.  The extra long cord even allowed me to use it in a corner of the room that had no outlet ... ceiling hooks allowed me to drape the cord across the ceiling to the opposite outlet.

I love how hanging the shade low over the art table instantly defines and grounds the space.  (This principal works the same for dining spaces, by the way.  When it's over a table always hang your light fixture low enough to have some real presence.)


Another fun and inexpensive trick perfect for (but certainly not limited to) apartment dwellers is my wall art solution: brightly colored washi tape and kids' finger paintings.  I found this colorful multi-pack on Amazon for a whopping $4 and I love the way it plays off the colorful paintings!

(Just fyi since I know I'll be asked, the dotty tray and table+chairs are Ikea, and the lime pom pom throw is from West Elm :)

The swag light kits can be used with any lamps shade that has a spider fitting like so ...

You can always opt not to use the chain link, as I did above because I was going for a less visible hanging cord, but I actually think my next step will be to spray paint the entire cord and chain link situation in neon ... maybe neon turquoise or hot pink ... to play off the lime green shade and add even more whimsy and color to the space.

Lamps Plus has some sweet shade options to select from.  It was tough to choose between all of these that caught my eye, each of which would make a great statement in the right space ...

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
I wound up also getting a pair of these fantastic Guatemalan textile lampshades for my bedroom.  I haven't hung them with the swag kit yet because I was caught up with the art nook project, but I'm seriously considering it!  I mused at length (and shared lots of inspiration pics) about hanging bedside lamps in this recent blog post.  What's your take on it?  To hang or not to hang?  I absolutely love these lampshades either way ... the colors are ultra vibrant and the texture of the fabric is definitely that of an authentic woven textile, just as I was hoping it would be.

(And in case you're wondering, the nightstand and bed are my own designs, the lamp is vintage, the throw is from a past season at Target, the big square pillows are West Elm, the duvet is Ikea, and the little ikat pillow is custom.) 

Now be sure to go check out what all my other fellow design bloggers have done with this challenge!

And thanks for following along on our design exploits!



Great space....I love all the color and the way you taped the art!

Kathy, NM said...

LOVE how the apartment is coming along! And the art's better than the MOMA — "hands-down."

Rosa said...

Thank you Sherry and thanks for being a reader! The washi tape was such an easy solution for how fun and cool it looks :)

Tricia said...

Such a cute space for your little guy! I've been meaning to create an art area for my kids.


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