I've long been inspired by the kid spaces that Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day has created for her little boys as they've moved around from Paris to San Francisco (which by the way is a great story of trust and mothering and travel and family adventure, if you're into that sort of thing :)  
Anyhow, her kids' rooms are always colorful, whimsical, and ultra creative.  They make you want to unleash your inner child, which is exactly what a kids' room should do!
The first baby nursery I designed when I was pregnant with my son Benicio was an ultra classic "little gent" nursery for him, done in navy blues, reds, tans, and brass tones.  Think Paddington Bear meets Wright Brothers meets National Geographic.  Between the hot air balloon wall art, the globe mobile, and the diy wall mural I made from a vintage engraving of a mama and baby elephant framed by old maps, it, definitely had a "little explorer" vibe going.  
I combined classic mattress ticking fabric with burlap trim and vintage numeral and typewrite key fabrics to give it an old-timey feel.

(diy cubby box tutorial here)
(diy crib bedding tutorial here)
It was warm and cozy and we loved this nursery, and spent those precious early months and years together enjoying it to the fullest.  And then it was time for the next chapter ...

Recently we moved into an interim apartment while the renovation of our next home gets underway.  My now-two-year-old is on a major art kick (or lifelong vocation ... only time will tell :) and I wanted his new space to both facilitate and show off his mad skillz!  This colorful little art nook in the corner of his nursery is what I've got so far ...

This time around I'm loving all the super saturated neon and primary colors against a bright white backdrop.  It feels so fun and fresh and energized!  Not surprisingly, it's the same color palette that all the inspiration photos I had gathered from Oh Happy Day seem to share as well ...


Aren't those just the sweetest spaces ever?  I'm really looking forward to finishing Benicio's room and showing you what I come up with!

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