Well this is a rarity!  I'm popping in for the second time today just to share with you all that my first "starter" house, purchased 5 years ago in the (was then up-and-coming and has now totally arrived) uber-hip and trendy Silver Lake neighborhood of LA, is featured on Domaine Home today!

Pretty exciting, actually.  Check out the whole tour here, and then make sure you're signed up (just click "subscribe" in the margin here) to follow my blog because you're not going to want to miss all my upcoming posts as I give you the lowdown on the details in my home room-by-room.  It was my first starter house people, and you know what that means!  Tiny budget + big ideas = tons of DIY projects.  I mean, I DIY'd the living daylights out of that house.  So I've got lots of tutorials and inspiration to pass on to you.


I sold the house this past Spring, and it's just so gratifying to get to share these photos of my 5-year-long labor of love with you at last!  You won't believe the "before & after" shots I've got for you.  When I say the neighborhood was "up-and-coming" I'm perhaps being a tad bit generous.  When we found this house it was an abandoned, derelict mess that quite honestly looked fit for demolition. 

Everything we did to this house we did on an absolutely shoe string budget.  Good for me, but great for you, if you like low-cost, creative design solutions (umm...and who doesn't?)  DIY painted kitchen cabinets? Check.  DIY light fixtures? Check.  DIY window treatments? Check.  DIY painted tile? Check.  DIY furniture, art, and accessories? Check, check, check.

Don't worry, the fun's not over.  Right now I'm designing the renovation of my next personal project, a 1923 Spanish house in the Hollywood Hills.  You're gonna love the direction we're going with this one.

And as always, thanks for coming along with me for the ride!  This trip would not be the same without you.  In fact for me, connecting with YOU is really what it's all about :)

4 comments: said...

congratulations! lovely work! can't wait to see your new project.

Rosa said...

Thank you and thanks for following along! Can't wait to share all the details about our upcoming renovations!

Jocelyn said...

Hi Rosa! I love the white throw pillows you have on your couches! I've been looking for something similar myself... were they custom made?

Rosa said...

Hi Jocelyn,

Yes I custom made the pillows in ivory linen with a rust-colored linen flange to tie in with my cognac leather chair.

Thanks for reading!


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