A few weeks ago I got away to a little beach house in Laguna for a girls' weekend, where I sort of surprised myself by being entirely pleased with the decorating.  Not that I'm a tough crowd or anything ... except that I sort of am.  I can't help it.  Aesthetics matter to me.  Duh.

So it was a nice surprise to find that our vacation cottage was not only perfectly situated across the street from the most gorgeous little hidden beach cove, but ALSO that it was actually tastefully and sweetly decorated, not all beach theme-y and overdone.  Nary an anchor or seashell in sight.

I especially fell in love with the crisp cotton block print bedding throughout the house, all in various shades of blue.  My room had an indigo-hued duvet cover with a scallop print reminiscent of waves that felt just perfect for the ocean setting.

 And the little sleeping beauty between the sheets didn't hurt the visuals one bit ...

Of course I had to poke around until I found the tag and discovered the maker of all this good stuff, which I promise I share down below.  But first how about a little more inspiration to whet your appetite? 

I'm such a huge fan of block prints.  Long before I became an interior designer I first fell in love with them when I lived and traveled in India for a year after college. They were everywhere and so so cheap!  Even on my backpacker's shoestring budget I managed to return home loaded down with textiles that I used and dispersed amongst my friends and family for years after.

Today, some of my favorite genius designers like John Robeshaw, Madeline Weinrib, and Peter Dunham use block print motifs liberally in their beautiful spaces.  I'm endlessly inspired by this look!  It pretty much sums up my own "global eclectic layered and collected" design style.  Well ok, I might pepper in just a bit more modern and mid-century design to balance out all the richly textured patterns.  But behold this design goodness ...


 (all photos via here, here, and here)

So the pretty bedding I discovered in Laguna Beach is sold by a little company called Saffron Marigold, and I was thrilled to discover that the prices are very reasonable!  A John Robeshaw quilt is a bit of a splurge at $300-400, but you can achieve a pretty similar look from Saffron Marigold for just a fraction of that.

 textiles from saffron marigold

Their styling and photo shoot skills on the website leave something to be desired, but you guys, you could concoct a seriously amazing bed or table with this stuff, and not even go broke in the process.  Fab bargains like this are always such a happy discovery! 

I'm working on selecting a bedding combo for myself, and I'll be sure to keep you posted about what I come up with!

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