The master bedroom of my little fixer house wasn't especially big or remarkable in any way.  And during the remodel we didn't increase the size of it besides borrowing a couple of feet from the hallway bathroom to enlarge the master closet.  So it stayed cozy in size, but there were a few significant changes that made a world of difference in this space.

Definitely the most impactful of these was to add large sliding glass doors onto the garden where there had once been a solid wall.  Here are the before, during and after shots (and lots more in my nitty gritty remodel post too) ...

This step alone made the room feel like it had doubled in size because of the light that now came pouring in and the new views and connection to the outdoors. 

Next, we removed this junky aluminum sliding window and bars from the side wall and replaced it with two tall windows to create a proper wall for the bed to sit on.


The view out through that old aluminum window was just onto the side of the neighbor's house and their driveway, so it wasn't something we wanted to feature, and yet it's a good rule of thumb to have windows on at least two walls in every room, both for the natural light this provides and for good air flow.   So we kept windows there, but since we were bringing in so much more natural light with the sliding doors, we felt we could afford to shrink them.

This is the only image I could find of the mirrored closet doors to show you.  Not exactly a proper interiors photo ... more like a snapshot of me sitting on my bed with my ponderously large pregnant belly :)  I do want to show you this side of the room though, so here you have it, belly and all!  For a simple wall closet in a small room like this one, I think mirrors are often the way to go.

The last major change we made in this room was to add simple moulding to the walls, just like I did in the dining room.  I think this finishing touch gives the space a bit of architectural appeal and keeps it from being just a boring box.

You can get pretty creative with molding design on walls ... it really just depends on the size and shape of your walls and your art and furniture plan.  What I chose to do on the dresser wall was a large centered box flanked by two narrower boxes on either side ...

It has a nice symmetry with the bed wall, which got the same center box flanked by my two windows.

I also created matching tall, narrow boxes out of moulding on either side of the sliding glass doors, and I love how they tie in with the rest of the wall moulding and frame my botanical prints.


Then came all the little details.  The sunburst ceiling light was a DIY that wrote about here.

The crystal lamp finials were another little DIY project that I wrote about here.

The gold sea urchin sculpture was a DIY that I originally made as tabletop placecard holders on a gorgeous cobalt tablescape that I still think back on and sigh, and that I re-purpose all the time as great styling props.  I did a sharpie DIY on that little bit of "Le Touches" lookalike fabric that sits beneath the glass in the tray on my bedside table.

The bedside tables were a flea market score that I had refinished and told you all about here.

And that's pretty much a wrap for the bedroom!  I don't have a ton of sources to share with you because I completed this room so long ago and because it included so many DIYs and custom items.  But I'll share what I can below!  Once more, the "before & after" transformations, just because they're fun ...

See this house featured on Domaine Home too!

The rest of the house tour:

bed: custom by Rosa Beltran Design
throw pillows: all custom by Rosa Beltran Design
duvet: Ikea Malou
lamps: cheap Cost Plus lamps that I spray painted in two-tone white and gold
round mirror: Home Goods
nightstands: flea market pieces that I re-furbished 
throw on bed: DKNY
rug: an old style from Ballard Designs
dresser: vintage
wall art: Home Goods and thrift stores
teal vase: Home Goods
corner chair: vintage and re-upholstered
brass desk lamp: discontinued from JC Penney

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