So you know how I've been coming at you all year long with little monthly DIY projects for the "Year of Change" designer challenge I'm a part of with some of my ultra crafty designer friends?  

(Last month's bookshelf styling challenge was a particularly popular one, along with my banana leaf powder room, though I loved the patio makeover and the stenciled entry too!)

For September we tasked ourselves with creating DIY wall art.  I made two paintings for a client's new guest room, a very lively and colorful space that was just begging for a bit of equally cheeky and playful art.

I've been known to dabble with a paint brush now and then, but I don't really call myself an artist, not in that sense anyway.  Yes I decorate homes which is obviously a highly visual job, but at least half the time when I try my hand at my own DIY wall art, I end up hating the results.  Which I guess means that about half the time I think it might be kind of sort of ok?

At any rate, when I make art for a client it's usually just as a placeholder because often their goal is to gradually build up their "real" art collection over time, but we need something on the walls in the meanwhile.  This way I don't feel the pressure to create a masterpiece, and they know they can always change it out for something they like better!

So as part of this month's design challenge, I first made a painting that is (very) loosely based on an Alexander Calder I saw come across my Instagram feed one day (hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right!?)  I love the poppy orange and the deep cobalt blue and how they echo the color palette of the bedroom ...

Here's a sneak peek of the rest of the room so you can see the larger context ... sorry but I can't show you more because the entire house will be featured in next month's Rue Magazine!  Eek!

This is the real deal Calder ... obviously better than mine by miles, buy I'm cool with that :)

And then I painted this little guy to kick it on the little orange lacquered desk ...

Both frames were thrift store finds.  I've told you before that I never pass up an interesting frame when I'm out thrifting, no matter how ugly the art within it is.  Custom framing is such an expense that it's worth gathering good frames when you find them and then sourcing (or making) new art to fit.  (See this post for what constitutes a "good" frame.)

Looking for more DIY art inspiration?  Check out my DIY abstracts round-up, a DIY wall mural approach,  and the large-scale photos that I love to hang.

And be sure to check out the handiwork of my fellow designers in this challenge round!

*Tricia and Erin the Suburban Bitches

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