Hooray, I finally get to share all the details of my Larchmont Bungalow project with you!  The entire house just appeared in the new Fall issue of Rue Magazine and now it's time to share all the behind-the-scenes details.

Let's start this tour with the master bedroom.  My client's tastes definitely ran toward traditional, classic, and feminine.  Her bedroom presented us with some challenges.  It was small and dark and the only place for the bed to go was up against a large window which wasn't even centered on the wall.  It had two weird wall sconces whose placement made no sense at all.

 My solution for the off-center window on the bed wall was to camouflage it by hanging a backdrop of white linen curtains across the entire wall.  It looks really pretty and lets in lots of lovely, glow-y, filtered light that this small room was in desperate need of.

Whereas before my client felt weird about having that big window onto the street so she kept the blinds drawn all the time, now the curtains hide the blinds entirely.  When the blinds are up the curtains provide privacy and daylight all at once, and the blinds can still be lowered to darken the room entirely.

We removed the weird wall sconces on the side wall and hung a giant silver leafed mirror that really helps to open up the small space.  (Designer tip: this is one of my all-time favorite Ikea items that I seem to use again and again.  I love the shape!  Check it out on the source list below.)

 The silvery grey tufted bed was one of my own designs (btw the launch of my new furniture line and website is coming along friends ... soon to be available far and wide!)

I think the campaign dressers I got at one of my favorite vintage haunts might be my favorite find in the entire room ... 

Especially because they looked like this when I found them at Hernandez Furniture in LA.

The mercury glass lamps were a very happy and affordable find from Lamps Plus (I swapped out the beige lampshades for these white ones from Target.)

This small bedroom needed all the tricks I could throw at it to make it feel more open and spacious.  Reflective surfaces like mirror and mercury glass help with this a ton, as does the wall of luminous linen curtains.  Crisp bedding with silver embroidery keeps the palette bright and white, and the Kaffe Fasset floral print pillow provides a much needed counterpoint of color and pattern.

This is the only shot we took of this end of the room because obviously the tv wasn't our focus ... but hey, it's real life.  That dresser though! 

It started out looking like this ...

And that's the scoop on the master bedroom!  Fairly simple stuff, but it feels like an entirely different room now.  Amazing what attending to the basics (bedding, window treatments, lamps) can do.

Keep coming back for the rest of the room tours and all the juicy "before & after" shots of the rest of the house! 

NIGHTSTANDS vintage, restored in Benjamin Moore "White Dove"
WHITE DRESSER vintage, restored in Benjamin Moore "White Dove"
ROMAN SHADES custom Rosa Beltran Design
RUG One Kings Lane


Unknown said...

I'm in love with those campaign nightstands! Such a simply beautiful transformation.

Anonymous said...

that painted furniture looks so great! what a pretty transformation.

Rosa said...

Thanks you guys ... the thrifted furniture transformations are always my favorite part too :) A good makeover is just so satisfying!

Kathy, NM said...

I think this room is the most satisfying transformation I have seen yet in your blog. What a skill!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness....I think I have a new favorite blog..I checked this space out as you suggested...I'm the one that fell hard for the ikea mirror you painted gold...and I also love it in the silver I'm thinking of buying to paint gold for my breakfast room and one I the silver leaf for our guest room....I'm a little nervous about spray painting....I'm afraid it will get on the mirror...but I will try my best to cover it..
Thanks for the great inspiration!

Nicole said...

I have the same situation in my master bedroom where the window is off center from the bed and I think this is a great solution. However, the wall itself is very long and so the curtain panels would not extend the length of the room and looked "tucked" into the wall as these do. Do you think it would still look good or end up looking like a bad hotel redo?

Thanks and really love all of your work!

Amphasis said...

The curtain and the new bed frame really change the whole feel.

Unknown said...

I am in love with this transformation!! Thank you so much for posting this makeover; it gave me much hope and inspiration for my bedroom.

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