This week I'm putting together the design plan for a client who lives in a great re-habbed industrial loft downtown.  

It's amazing to see how downtown LA has come alive, even just in the past 7 years that I've lived here.  For the longest time, for a multitude of social and political reasons (the age of the automobile and rise of suburbia), Angelenos didn't live downtown.  It emptied out at 5pm and was a pretty desolate place.  No restaurants, shops, or good hangouts ... none of the infrastructure to support a community.  

There's been a total resurgence of life and culture downtown in the past few years, and all these derelict boarded up industrial spaces have been converted into some pretty amazing loft living.  I'm excited to tackle this project.  Here's some of my inspiration ...

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We're aiming to be done by Christmas, so you'll be seeing more of this project soon.  Happy Monday!


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