I'm at the "nervous and excited" stage of this project, where I can clearly envision exactly what I want to pull off with this space, while at the same time failing to see how it can possibly come together in time.  (In case you missed it I'm participating in the One Room Challenge where we have 6 weeks to design and execute a space ... and we're halfway through already ... eek!)

I'm having to work so creatively within a limited budget, and so much of what I need can't really be sourced from your usual retailers or box stores.  The success of this project really hinges on hitting the pavement and finding the right antiques and vintage pieces to make this space feel truly old-world and "collected."  It requires lots of time and lots of luck!

There's just a lot that has to go right in order for this project to come together, and the thrifting/vintage gods must, for the next couple of weeks, rain amazing finds down upon us.  So keep your fingers crossed with me please (gulp.)

Here's where we're at this week.  
(Last week was paint, rugs, and lighting, in case you need a recap.)

They're the Ikea Aina curatins in white that I'm such a fan of, and don't worry, they're not going to look like that!  I'm installing some basic mdf baseboard trim from Home Depot as a window cornice to hide the inexpensive (yet functional) Ikea curtain hardware.

I realize that pretty much everything you just saw looks either downright hideous or like it's in such rough shape that it can't possibly be combined in any way, shape, or form to create this, right?

Like I said, fingers crossed people, fingers crossed!



Erin @ Suburban Bitches said...

Please tell me you bought those nightstands?! They are fantastic. I have faith that this will be another amazing Rosa room!

Sandra said...

I know the pieces you found are going to look perfect in the space. I see their potential! Truth be told, I like the budget is tight ... Makes it more attainable for those with a similar wallet. :)

Christine Dovey said...

The vintage pieces are all so gorgeous!!! And I'm a big IKEA curtain panel believer- I don't usually use anything else and just customize like you're doing for a great result:)

Rosa said...

Hi Erin ... I did! Can't wait to show you what they look like now with a glossy new coat of black lacquer!

Rosa said...

Sandra - It's fun for me too ... forces extra ingenuity and creativity!

Rosa said...

Hi Christine, thanks for following along :) Those Ikea linen panel can work wonders on a tight budget if you dress them up a bit (pleat or trim them) can't they!? Glad you agree.

Emily Miller said...

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