We're at the "value engineering" stage of our house renovation project right now, which means going over everything with a fine tooth comb to find all the areas where we can save by mixing high/low design without sacrificing anything in style.

Obviously it's no small feat to essentially re-build an entire house (we're tearing down all the interior walls, completely rearranging the existing floor plan, and adding a master suite) and it's no small expense either.  Luckily I get a lot of pleasure out of finding creative solutions when designing on a budget.  There's something ultra satisfying about combining common things in an unusual and creative way to make it surprising and inspiring!

Lately I've been thinking about the kids' bathroom and wondering what I might be able to do with it using a high/low design approach.  I've run across some very attainable ideas from Ikea that I thought you might like too.

I think there are definitely some ideas worth considering here in some way, shape, or form!

Have a good week.


artluvr said...

We used 2 of the vanities shown in the first picture in our master. They look great (this finish was much better-looking than the gloss white one, we thought), and they are pretty indestructible, with amazing storage. We would absolutely do it again.

Anonymous said...

I love IKEA as is, but it's inspiring to see their products used in a way that's not obviously IKEA. I have been looking at vanities for a bathroom reno and there are some for over $1000 that are poorly made and look cheap compared to the reasonably priced IKEA ones.

I adore your blog and hope you will make it BIG and get the recognition you deserve! There are so many successful crappy blogs, so I'd love to see a quality blog like yours get the recognition (and financial success) it deserves.

Rosa said...

Thank you thank you for that last compliment. It's totally gratifying to hear feedback like that! I so appreciate it :)

Rosa said...

Artluvr this is good to know, thanks!

Lisa said...

Very inspiring pictures, I particularly love the 4th, which can be really useful if you miss space !


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