Quite coincidentally I've designed two different spaces recently that both wound their way around to a deep teal and citron color scheme, partly determined by my clients' existing decor, and partly because they're just colors that play well together.

Teal has always been one of my favorite saturated jewel tones.  Used in large doses like on walls, a sofa, or rug, it can act as a foundational neutral in a space, a lot like navy blue does.  So if you're looking for something just a bit less predictable than the ubiquitous grey sofa (not judging, mine's gray), maybe give teal a try!

And look how great a little dash of citron or chartreuse looks in these spaces ... it's an invigorating color that really wakes up a room.  (It happens to be the a main accent color in my design studio, too.)

(all photos via my "Color Palettes" Pinterest page

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