You guys how amazing are these rich color combos and stunning tablescapes!?  

I'm busy busy right now getting out furniture shipments and installing a couple big projects in time for the holidays, but I couldn't resist sharing this beautiful imagery with you.  

I'm as enamored with all these rich colors as I am with the myriad words we have for them (I've told you before how much I love the language of color) ... crimson, claret, ruby, eggplant, vermillion, scarlet, magenta, violet, aubergine, maroon, burgundy, fuchsia, garnet, blush, cranberry, purple, lilac, mauve, mulberry, pomegranate, carmine, russet, cerise, amethyst ... (ok yes, I broke out the thesaurus, but only at the very end!!)

The deep, moody colors lend themselves so well to Autumn and Winter flower arrangements.  Consider sprucing up your standard red and white holiday bouquets with some of these pretty hues, and don't skip the produce section either.  Artichokes, red and purple grapes, pomegranates, citrus, purple cabbage, kale, and cauliflower, and all the woodland berries make fabulous floral accompaniments, as you'll see ...

(all photos via here)

 And that, my friends, is truly a feast for the eyes.



Jo Galbraith Design said...

I agree, these are stunning!

Rosa said...

I know, I want to create every single one!


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