You all probably outdid yourselves with your lavish Thanksgiving table settings and are just barely catching your breath from the beautiful, feast-laden tables you set.  I, on the other hand, prevailed entirely upon the hospitality of Marc's lovely family in Princeton this year, which meant that I didn't decorate a thing.

So I'm raring to go for my Christmas tablescape, and already amassing tons of inspiration photos on my Pinterest tabescape board.

I'm a bit of naturalist when it comes to holiday table decor because I love all the seasonal greenery so much.  It's just so easy to come by in California where we have no shortage of rosemary, fern, boxwood, eucalyptus, olive, and magnolia year-round.  And of course the evergreens!  No shortage of those anywhere this time of year.

I love the idea of using such readily accessible mementos of nature to create a special holiday table.  Add a little twine, cinnamon sticks, oranges, berry branches, or pine cones and you have a lovely, fragrant and incredibly easy table setting.

Creating a special table is one of my very favorite parts of the season.  I've shared some of my past inspiration here, here, and here, and you'll definitely be seeing some of this year's ideas making an appearance on my own table.  Have fun with yours!

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