I'm having a moment with plaid right now.  I guess I've never been all that into it ... I tend to dress a little more boho than preppy, and in the 90s grunge wasn't my thing :)  But this Fall I bought two plaid button downs and I must say I've been enjoying them.  I like how plaid can be dressed up ...

(all images in this post via here)

 (me pairing plaid with a ropy pearl necklace)

Or down ... (same shirt, dressed down on election day)

All the reds, greens, and burgundies in many plaids feel perfect for the holidays too.  Here's what I'm pinning this week ... and some shopping tips in case you want to add a bit of tartan to your holiday!

Pretty plaid dinnerware (more found here here here)

 Plaid blankets and throws to keep you cozy (some options here here here

When I was a little girl my mom had a floor length wool plaid A-line skirt much like this but in classic red and green ... for some reason I never liked it then, but I wish I had it now! 

Plaid fabric and tablecloths (find some here, here, here, here, here)

Plaid ribbon for all sorts of holiday decorating (source some here, here, here)

 Plaid gift wrap (available here here here)

Plaid ornaments here here here (would also be a fairly easy DIY using plaid ribbon or fabric plus modge podge)

Plaid Christmas stockings are a great idea.  I want them!  But since I just made a whole set of DIY felt snowflake stockings last year, I'll forgo.  You should get them instead :)

This Etsy shop has some really beautiful handmade ones ...

I have nothing decorated around here yet because we spent this week getting caught up from being out of town last week.  Hope to have the tree up by next weekend and share some of that with you!

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