Many of you probably know by now that the man I love is a photographer, a happy circumstance that I benefit hugely from when it comes to capturing beautiful images of my interiors projects, shooting my furniture line for our new (upcoming) website, and of course the mega bonus of fantastic personal and family photos.

You're in for a treat today ...

Marc is a portrait photographer by training and an exquisite one at that, having learned under the tutelage of none other than Richard Avedon.  Odds are if you've cracked more than one or two magazines in the checkout stand ever, you've seen Marc's work ...

What you may not know is that his passion project is this cool, witty, urban, street level photography that I'm just crazy about.  A lot of it is very LA-referential, so if you're an Angeleno you'll have a special appreciation.  But it translates no matter where or who you are, because of Marc's magical way of capturing light and shadow that's truly entrancing.

Anyhow, don't take my word for it.  Look!  Thus far these have only appeared on Marc's (insanely beautiful) Instagram feed, but I've been nudging him to begin making these available to the world at large.  And now we are! 

As a designer (even if I had no idea who this talented guy was) I want to enlarge every single one of these and hang it on an honored wall.  I'm a huge fan of large-scale photography as wall art, and these images are all "room makers."

Our holiday card of course had to give a nod to Marc's street level photography style ... Lulu could not believe that we shot our card in an abandoned parking lot rather than in front of an appropriately glittery Christmas tree.  Believe it Lu!

These and many more of Marc's prints will soon be available to shop online.  In the meantime you can email order inquiries for any you see here, as well as any you fancy from his Instagram collection, to 

Pricing for archival quality, signed, limited edition prints on matte fine art paper is as follows (not all prints available in all sizes):

  8x8      $100
10x15    $150
16x16    $200
16x24    $270
20x20    $300
20x30    $450
30x30    $650
30x45    $850
  40x40    $1500
  40x60    $2000
  60x60    $3000


Sharon de Jager said...

Hi Rosa, I'm a new follower of yours since I found your link on Emily's blog. I love the photos, particularly the one of the single tree overlooking the homes and looking out towards the beach....I'm from England, so I don't recognise any of the photos! A bit out of my budget pocket wise, especially since I'd like a large blown up art piece, but stunning photography, lucky girl to have one inhouse! Sharon said...

Amazing! I love the vintage feel to them.


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