We decided to hit the re-set button after all the decadence of the holidays with a week-long juice cleanse.  It's been both euphoric at moments and tough at times too.

Tomorrow is our last day on it and I found that today my energy and focus completely tanked.  Which is to say that I started and failed to finish no less than 3 blog posts on various topics ... and then I gave up and decided to just tell you why I'm useless at putting together coherent sentences today!

The thing about fasting on really high quality fruit and vegetables is that you don't get hungry because you're continually drinking such mega nutrient-rich juices.  You might crave a plate of food that you can sink your teeth into, but you're never technically starving.  In fact I'd definitely say I've been better-nourished on this cleanse than I am in my regular solid food routine, and I eat pretty well in general.

Which doesn't mean that cleansing is all smooth sailing.  It's also about detoxing, which can leave you feeling a bit foggy.  Days 1 through 3 I felt amazing, had great energy, noticed my skin glowing a bit more ... today I felt like lying around all day.  It's all part of it.

Just in case you're an interested Angeleno, we picked Moon Juice for our cleanse because the quality is amazing (I've frequented their shop in Silverlake a handful of times and their juices stand out...cold-pressed, certified organic and totally unpasteurized), their prices are on par with all the other pressed juiceries around here, and they deliver to our doorstep each morning for free!  That last part sealed the deal.  It just makes the whole thing so easy.

So that's what's up here.  I hope you have a great holiday weekend.  Monday being MLK Day I'm hoping to get to see the new film "Selma," which I've heard is amazing.  I'll be back next week talking about mixing prints and patterns, and how leopard is really a neutral!


Vanessa Roth said...

A week is quite the accomplishment! The most I've managed was three days and that was quite the challenge. I'm intrigued by Moon Juice. I've tackled Blue Print's Cleanse several times and found their juices to be quite palatable. But unfortunately each juice is as pricey as a meal. Next time I'm in LA I'll have to pop into Moon Juice for a try.

Anonymous said...

Selma is a GREAT movie - enjoy. I just bought kale to make smoothies for next few days . Recently linked to you blog from emily henderson's site - I like your work thus far!

Rosa said...

It was an experience Vanessa! Today we broke the fast, So I'm a happy girl :) let me know when you're in LA and will grab a Moon juice together. Are you going to all this week?

Rosa said...

Welcome! I'm so glad you like what I'm doing here. And thanks for the movie recommendation! Can't wait.


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