You guys.  It's happening!  I am opening my first brick and mortar store in Los Angeles.  I made the final decision yesterday and I'm beside myself with excitement.  I'm quite literally vibrating with all the ideas and plans I have for creating a store environment with the amazing things I intend to showcase. 

Of course it will be a showroom for my line of upholstered furniture, but it will also be much more.  It will be a public space where I can fully and completely express my style and design aesthetic, which as you know is a mix of old and new, traditional and modern, smooth and textured, sleek and funky. 

What is will not be is all mid-century, all traditional, or all boho chic. 

It will not be one-note.  It will not be boring.

What it will be is a scintillating mix of the very best of all of the above. 

Beautiful classic upholstery juxtaposed with iconic mid-century designs. 

Clean-lined modernism layered with global textiles. 

Modern art as a backdrop to elegant traditionalism. 

All the hallmarks of my own personal style as a designer.  I can't wait to show you what I've got in store for you (pun intended)... CANNOT WAIT!

There's much to be done.  The space that I selected now goes through a little renovation before I can even begin to bring in all my goodies.  Here's some of the inspiration I've gathered for the new showroom ...

(all photos via my Pinterest "Showroom" inspiration board)


I'll announce the location soon, but for now here's a sneak peek. Our storefront is in a beautiful historic building in an up-and-coming pocket of LA that I think is poised to become the new Larchmont Village or Sunset Junction.  And I plan to help take it there.

In a little last minute twist, I settled on a store name that surprisingly is not any of the names I recently polled you about.  (I so appreciate all your input and good advice!)  This naming business was incredibly hard for me, I have to say.  It's not just about what I like the sound of, it has to do with web domains and the physical shape of the words and finding a name that is well-suited to logos and signage.  So this is it:
The meaning of the word "clad" dovetails nicely with the concept of upholstery and the general concept of outfitting and layering one's home with beautiful decor and textiles. 

Thank you for all of your support.  I'm beyond excited to have you along as I embark on the next chapter of Rosa Beltran Design and Clad Home.


Sally said...

I love the name, Rosa. I hope you plan to incorporate the definition and synonyms into your branding (not just for our benefit on the blog). And I also hope you will share photos of your store liberally on the blog. I live in Australia so it's not likely I'll ever get there in person, but I really like the sound of it and I'm sure your inventory and displays will be unique and ever-changing. Best of luck, I love what you do!

Anonymous said...

CLAD rocks! It's a winner- great ring to it, and yes, agree that the physical shape of the word lends itself well to styling. All the best to you with this exciting endeavor!

Sharon de Jager said...

Congratulations Rosa, I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the store and all the lovely opening launch photos I am sure you will post on your blog! I probably also will never get to visit your store since I live in England, but seeing photos will have to suffice. Once again congrats and good luck with all the planning, progress and store opening! Sharon

Christine|NicheStyleBlog said...

Congrats! I love the name! It's perfect. I'm new to your blog, love your style!

Vanessa said...

Congratulations Rosa! What incredible news. The name is brilliant. I can't wait to see the finished product and good luck with the process!

Anonymous said...

The enthusiasm is contagious! ~ KA

Jetton Chan said...

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